Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Confessional

Friday confessional join in {here}

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Here are my confessions:

*I read ALL the time, I’m not talking about here and there, I CONSTANTLY have a book in hand, and sometimes even jump books (such as reading a couple at a time) I know- how weird am I? I just have this weird interest in learning EVERYTHING  And most of the time I write it down {word for word}

*I NEVER have time to myself. Even when I am in the shower my kids are almost ALWAYS standing at the door either crying or trying to get in.

* I don’t read romance books

*I have spend my entire life trying to start a business for myself. Although, I am a little closer, I am still not there yet. & yes it frustrates me.

*I wear flip flops almost all the time {even in the winter if you catch me at the right (or wrong) time}

*I am not very “materialistic” or whatever. You will see me at the grocery store with my sweatpants on, t-shirt, flip flops,hair up, and glasses on. {uhh. Glad I don’t live in a big town where I might catch it on facebook or youtube.} lol

*I LOVE LOVE LOVE green {just had to add this} even though it isn’t a confession..

Don’t forget to link up with your own confessions

{although I’m not sure these are that great}



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