Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs {come add your Friday rant}

I am participating in this weeks Friday Flip-off. I love venting and getting stuff out. So lets thank Gigi for being so AWESOME from Kludgy Mom

So here it goes.

To my printer/scanner: Why oh Why did you have to go into convulsions and make all those loud noises and keep telling me “CLEAR JAM” when I checked every single crevice of the machine and there is Clearly NO jam anywhere. FLIP OFF. Oh yeah, and I wish you would tell another of your printer friends to come live with me- since you managed to break down when I have NO money.

To my Phone: Why do you keep ringing right in the middle of an awesome thought? Ringing so that I can’t write it down and then when I get off you, I can’t remember what it is that I was writing, no matter how much I try? FLIP OFF

To sleepless nights: Why do you always come when least expected? When I have something very important to do the next day? Why do you do this to me? Do you want me to look like I have been on drugs? FLIP OFF. You are not amusing. No matter how hard I tried to lay my head on the pillow, the thoughts just kept racing, so why didn’t you bring me those sheep to count?

To the lady who thought I was a spammer. I am NOT a spammer. I am a mom trying to do the best I can with what I have. I am a person, trying just like everyone else. I didn’t mean to offend you because I have less followers than you. Do you realize I have only been at this since January? I was just trying to help you out and promote you in anyway that I can. FLIP OFF for  being so smart-assed to me. and for making me feel like crap. I didn’t deserve that.

To the post office- For telling me that since I LOST my key I would have to pay $25 for a new one. $25 for 1 key? Are you crazy? I’m glad I found they key in the pocket of my purse and DIDN’T lose it, so I DON’T have to pay you that $25..{haha}

That’s about all I have to rant about this week. But I love this and will be joining every week.

Hope to see you guys there..



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