Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reviews/Giveaways coming this week..


Pink Sugar Bakery

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All Things Cupcake

About Pink Sugar Bakery:

Megan is a very trendy woman, let me tell you. I was drooling over her etsy creations. I mean, this girl is very talented. She makes the cutest items EVER!


Build Your Own Cupcake Ring

Those are some items from the Pink Sugar Bakery

Now for the ETSY shop->

Her shop is called My Cat Hates You

For the cook-

Retro Floral Print Apron

For the Knitter-

Cupcake Knitting Stitch Markers

For the coffee drinker-

Latte Link Bracelet with Pastel Hearts

For the naturalist-

Daisy Resin Pendant

See what I mean? She obviously knows what she is doing..

I’ll have a review and giveaway by her this week.



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UGLee Pen Home

The world's most comfortable
ergonomic pen

The Ultimate Grip Pen by Dr. James Lee is a revolutionary ergonomic pen that is designed, created and used by a real physician. This Dr. inspired grip pen is redefining the way people view ergonomic pens. Try the UGLee Pen, you will love it.

They have 7 colors

uglee pen red

uglee pen pink

uglee pen white

uglee pen yellow

uglee pen green

uglee pen blue

uglee pen gray





Day-Ja View Calender


Designed by a professional mother of three young children.



Golden Girls

Game Over Marriage

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kid shirts

Toddler Chicks Dig My Ride t shirt

Tough Cookie Toddler t shirt

Apologize in Advance creeper and Toddler T shirt

Headline Shirts

That's a Terrible Idea T-Shirt

Michael Jackson $20 T-Shirt

Camera Tongue T-Shirt

Zevia Cola



I’m so excited, so make sure that you swing by and enter my giveaways



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