Friday, August 3, 2012

What Not to Eat When it Comes to Hot Flashes

Are you suffering from those nasty hot flashes and hate going out to eat
because you never know when one may hit? If so, it is time to learn what
foods you should avoid so you can decrease the amount and intensity
of hot flashes you have due to food triggers. Below you will find the top
offending foods that should be avoided at meal time and anytime!
Alcohol- Drinking and hot flashes seem to go hand in hand. The reason is
not known, but the evidence is there. So, go with a virgin drink, or better
yet, choose water with your meal.

Caffeine- This is a trigger that most women identify with. If this is your
problem as well, try going with decaffeinated coffee or caffeine free
soft drinks. This common ingredient can also cause sleep issues, heart
palpitations and headaches-all symptoms of menopause. Go for fresh
juices, milk or water.

Spiced up foods- You may love to have a meal of Mexican or Indian food,
but your body may not love it. In fact, it may cause hot flashes! If you find
that spicy foods trigger your flashes, go for a less spicy substitute. If you
just have to have your favorite dish, wear cool clothing and bring some
Towelettes for a wipe down.

Nicotine- smoking has been noted as a hot flash trigger. Research shows
that those who smoke experience more frequent and stronger hot flashes.
Quitting this habit will be good for your menopause symptoms and for your
health overall.
While avoiding certain foods can help, taking supplements and vitamins
such as Kuhl Care can also help reduce the symptoms of menopause,
including hot flashes!

Once you have some time to figure things out, you will better know your
triggers so that you can avoid them. Just think, you may just become a hot
flash expert!

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