Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Review: Essie No Place Like Chrome



I was very impressed at how glossy and lustrous this Essie Mirror Metallics Collection Chrome is. I only had to put one coat on my toes, and it looked like two coats of a regular polish.

The chrome is luminous and very shiny. Eye catching, bright, and I love that there aren’t any bubbles in the finished look. It goes on smooth, the brush is shaped JUST the right size to get the job done without making a mess of things.


The trick to the no bubbles is using a really thin layer of base coat after you buffer really good and then thin layer of top coat after the chrome. If you have bubbles in your base coat- IT will show up when your polish dries. I didn’t have any issues though.

Chrome and other metallic polishes have definitely made their way back into the fashion industry and Essie has done it EXACTLY the way it should be! They’ve made them in more sophisticated, softer hues that draw attention yet not in a tacky (I can’t believe she did that) way!

Buy IT: Essie Mirror Metallics Collection Chrome $8

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