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Exfoliating Minerals Facial Cleanser Review #Natural Facial Cleanser

Natural Facial Wash
This luxurious soap-free non-gritty gel AHA facial cleanser goes on smooth and rich to leave your skin softer, cleaner, balanced and better prepared to defend itself. Powered by rich ingredients from nature, this unique cleanser rejuvenates dull skin and visibly firms and perfects the skin. It's loaded with calming and desensitizing ingredients to provide a truly clean feeling and will not leave residue on your skin. Since it's so gentle, this product is a great sensitive skin cleanser and dry skin cleanser. Exfoliating Minerals alpha hydroxy face cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day.

My Review
Facial Cleansing has been brought to a new exciting level with Exfoliating Minerals. I have been struggling with Combination skin all my life. Oily on my nose and lower jawbone, and dry on  my forehead and cheeks. I tried every facial cleanser available and nothing worked until now. Some left my skin too oily, other’s too dry. Nothing worked like I  needed it to. Exfoliating Minerals worked perfectly.
Your not really supposed to exfoliate your skin every day because it isn’t good for the skin. You are supposed to do it maybe 3 times a week at the most because dirt build-up doesn’t happen everyday and it could hurt your skin. The Exfoliating Minerals face wash is only made with natural ingredients, and it doesn’t have the exfoliating beads, so you can use it 2 times daily if you wish.
Exfoliating with Exfoliating Minerals is extremely easy. You do not have to use very much because it is watery. It rubs in with ease, and has an awesome citrus smell. The citrus wakes up my brain in the morning, and leaves me with smooth feeling skin. I placed a dab on a wet warm washcloth, and rubbed it in tiny circles. The warm washcloth is an exfoliator by itself. The fabric in the washcloth naturally rids of dirt and build-up. So mixed with the facial cleanser, I was one smooth faced woman. =)
I used it daily, most of the time 2 times a day. I hate washing my face with soap and the other face cleansers weren’t working GREAT. I mean, they kept me from breaking out, but most were drying out my skin. I didn’t like this because I was having to use twice as much moisturizer before putting makeup on. If I didn’t I would notice my makeup beginning to peel and shed in my dry areas. With this face cleaner, I don’t have to worry about it. My make-up doesn’t shed, and I don’t have to keep dabbing at my oily area’s.
The Exfoliating Minerals wash has AHA in it. If you don’t know what AHA is, it is Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is well known in the cosmetic industry, because it helps reduce wrinkles, reduces signs of aging, and gives a better overall look and feel to skin. It removes dead skin cells, increases collagen production, and improves texture.
Exfoliating Minerals has hit face cleaning right on the dot. How could I not love a product that truly cleanses without over drying, or leaves my face oily? Now I can wear my make-up with pride and not have to constantly check it. It is a little on the expensive side because it is “natural” and doesn’t contain chemicals, but it lasts a VERY long time.
It is the BEST of the BEST, very awesome product that I would say would be a great gift for those diva’s in your life. Whether it’s yourself, your daughter, or a best friend. They will continue to thank you for this, because their overall facial look will continue to improve.
Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post, I wasn’t compensated. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review. Although I did receive a product, it would never influence my thoughts about the products.
Buy It: Exfoliating Minerals Facial Cleanser is available in a 4oz tube.  $48.00.
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I want to thank Exfoliating Minerals for Working with Made.By.Jess.


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