Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks to Posh Trendy Blog for featuring my post..

Posh Trendy Blog

Posh Trendy Blog is looking for interesting blog posts from YOU that she could post on her blog. I ♥ that she featured my post about Aidan. Aidan’s story is a rare one, a hard one, and very touchy one. It took me awhile to write {even though I didn’t include all the details} but it was very hard to be a preemie mom. I had to be extra careful, the house had to be extra clean, and I was so worried..We couldn’t “show” him off to people because I was so scared they might have something. Just the sniffles would be a huge problem for him. His immune system is still very low {even though he’s 3} he still catches stuff that his sister doesn’t.

But anyway,

I wrote this down so that other preemie moms could have the hope that I wished I had, the stories and the connecting with another mom. There is an awesome group for preemie moms at CafeMom {here}. So be more than welcome to share your stories, advice, or worries…



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Jessica is the writer behind Sweet Southern Mama. She is the mother of 2 adorable kids- Aidan, 7 and Adisyn, 5. She lives in Kentucky with her fiance and kids. She loves designing blogs, reading, writing, crafting, all things electronic, photography, and spending time with her family.

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