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About Me



Hello there, and welcome to Stylish Southern Mama. I am Jessica- The author/blogger/creator behind the blog.

You’ll find all kinds of awesome things here. Reviews and most of the time giveaways to go with them. 

Reviews & Giveaways are random *like I am*- Beauty/Fashion, Kids products, craft products, apps, everything for your home (décor, food, cleaning supplies), books, and much more!

I live in Kentucky with my 2 kids and their dad. I’ve been with Adam for 7 1/2 years and we have a 6 year old son, Aidan and a 4 year old daughter, Adisyn together.

Random Facts about Me*

I have an associate’s degree in Business Management and I minored in Psychology!

I am a major book nerd! I LOVE going to the annual library sale and collecting books. I have more than will even fit inside my house (I had to store in them in the garage)..

I love to craft, which consists of sewing, crocheting, decoupaging, and digital scrapbook.

I am a hoarder! I admit it. Not like on T.V. but pretty close♥

I have tons and tons of clothes, shoes, hair/skin products, and books!

I love to design, mess with HTML and CSS, and am active in social media

Find Me online*

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Stylish Southern Mama♥