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Review: L’Bri Pure n Natural Skincare

I have been using a new skincare line for 3 months now. It included everything in the skincare line, so I stopped using everything else (except day and night creams) so that I could fully access how this line really worked.
L’Bri skincare contains absolutely no petrochemicals, parabens or sulfates and the number one ingredient in every product is Aloe Vera.
The healing and soothing qualities make Aloe Vera absolutely perfect for skincare. It can soothe red and irritated skin, while healing scars, acne, and other skin problems.

I’m pretty sure I fell deeply in love with this entire skincare with just the first use. As I progressed with the use, my love deepened. What amazed me the most was how my skin responded to the healing properties of the Aloe Vera. It left my skin glowing and absolutely flawless.
Deep Pore Cleanser
It’s nothing new to everybody that I have oily skin. I am always on the lookout for something that will help unclog my impossible pores. I hate the blackheads that form on my nose and my chin. I don’t get very many breakouts, but when I do they seem as huge as volcano’s.
It’s because my pores are SO deep. When I was in high school I had almost completely given up on finding something that wouldn’t only help my skin but would make it to where I didn’t have to worry about my pores looking huge and hideous.
Deep pores and blackheads go hand and hand, so I was thrilled to see “DEEP PORE” cleanser. I loved how gentle this was on my skin. I could feel how clean my skin was after using it, but my skin also felt nourished and taken care of. There’s nothing better than finding a cleanser that works EXTREMELY well while also helping to benefit the skin.
WP_000901This was gentle, yet thorough. Before L’bri, I would have to use a makeup cleanser and a skin cleanser. This actually takes ALL of my makeup off without a hitch. It was even tough enough to take off all my eye makeup (mascara included) and didn’t leave me looking like a raccoon.
A deep cleansing, water-soluble gel enriched with Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Vitamins A, C, E and Natural Botanical Extracts. Removes all traces of make-up, pore clogging oils and environmental pollutants from the skin. Helps control breakouts and blemishes.

Only $16.50 for a three month supply.

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub
To me there is NOTHING better than an exfoliating face AND body scrub. I’ve rarely seen them together, but this works very well. My body skin can become dull and dry looking in the colder, winter months.
WP_000904I love using this because I can actually FEEL the exfoliation as it’s happening. It actually feels like there are tiny “sand granules” in the skincare, although that isn’t the case. They work to exfoliate the dry, tired looking skin cells without further drying the skin out.
This is amazing at removing the “dry flakes” without making my skin drier than It started out. This is a gentle exfoliation though, and is safe for daily use. It doesn’t scratch or tear your delicate skin cells.
My skin looks so much healthier, fresher, and smooth. No longer are those dull, dry, itchy patches visible on my body. It has also helped to remove the excess oil on my face, so there is nothing but smooth, acne free skin to be seen!
For all skin types. A remarkable refining formula that gently lifts tired, dull surface cells and imbedded impurities without scratching the skin. Contains Aloe Vera, Natural Clays, Honey, Ground Almonds, Vitamins A, C, E, Ocean Sea Plants and Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Geranium, Clay Sage, Chamomile and Violet Leaves. Only $17.50 for a four month supply!
Rejuvenating Facial Peel
This has made my skin do a complete 180, a complete transformation in sync with the other L’bri products. This is one of the absolute indispensible items  within the line. If I didn’t have the money to buy the others, I would still try and swing it to where I would never run out of this.
It is just so astonishing to see all those dead skin cells just slide off like it’s a mud pie. It’s amazing because it isn’t harsh on the skin. Doesn’t leave it red, irritated, or hurting. Just feels like you’ve used a regular cleanser that had something really really good in it-The superpower of cleaners. 
WP_000907This is more like a gel then anything, so it goes on very well. It has an instant cooling effect and only needs to be left on for a minute. I really liked that it was a time saver. Usually with face peels they have to be on for 3-5 minutes. I like using peels before I get in the shower—so I’d have to find something to occupy my time while waiting before.
Now it isn’t a problem. I can just rub it on and rub some small circular motions (all over the face) twice a week. I usually use this with my Toilettree professional skin care system—(it has rotating scrub brushes that clean the face). I just put the peel on and then continue to do the circular motion with the electronic face brush.
I’ve been using this for 3 months now and I haven’t even put a dent in the jar. You don’t need very much at all and it goes a long way. I am betting that a small jar could last me a 9 months to a year.
It's all about Enzymes! Right before your eyes, this unique exfoliator made with natural fruit enzymes of green papaya and calming pineapple along with stabilized aloe vera gel work to dissolve dead skin cells without acids as it dramatically improves skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Results are immediately visible. Excellent for all skin types including those with rosacea and acne prone skin.
Only $38.95.

Facial Masque

Firmer, lighter, smoother skin? YES please. As this hardens my face begins to feel like I am made of wax.
It’s pretty funny to feel your face tighten up SO much within such a short amount of time. I probably looked like I had just gotten a shot of botox when it fully dried. LOL

I love the deep cleansing feeling that comes with this masque. As soon as I rinse this off, there is nothing but pure fresh clean feeling skin. It just felt so silky after the use. I leave this on anywhere between 10-15 minutes a couple times a week (mixing it up with the masque).
For all skin types. Experience an instant lift. An intensive deep cleansing treatment with soothing Aloe Vera, Natural Botanical Extracts, and Essential Oils, clears away dead flaky cells and dulling debris as it tightens and tones the skin. Skin's smoothness returns and crepiness and enlarged pores are diminished. Excellent for blemished skin and enlarged pores.
Only $28.50 for a five month supply.

Smooth & Firm Eye Repair Gel
I’m still young, so I don’t have crow’s feet or anything like that. As a beauty maven, I KNOW that if I use something BEFORE it happens that it may NOT happen, right?
I love putting this on. It’s a bright green, gel like cream that soothes on impact. It’s instantly firming and begins to tighten as it dries, which I like.
This little one ounce jar could also last me for a very long time. I only have to use a very small amount for both eyes. I notice that if I DO get more than needed, it still seeps in very well.
If I am feeling tired, dragged down, and exhausted at night when I put this on- it seems to invigorate the tiredness and relax at the same time.
Eyes are the first thing to show signs of aging and if I CAN allude that, I will. This is designed to replenish the elasticity that seeps out as you age, as well as decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.
DARK CIRCLES is something that I DO have now. I have an irregular sleeping pattern. If I can, I’ll stay up as long as I can trying to cram work. Then I end up sleeping for a very long time. Because I do this, I end up with dark circles because my sleeping pattern isn’t healthy at all.
I actually had to use 2 types of concealers (underneath my foundation) just to diminish the darkness of the circles. I seriously do NOT want to walk around looking like death is going to be knocking at my door. BUT with my hours, work schedule, and kids- I simply HAVE to sleep when I can and cram as much work when possible.
What I loved about this was that within a week I could tell a difference in the dark circles under my eyes. They were very very light, considering they had been a week earlier I was TOTALLY taken back with working power.
My eyes just looked so fresh and rejuvenated which is what I had been looking for. Refreshed, beautiful skin that had absolutely no flaws.
For all skin types. Our clinically proven formula contains a superior anti-aging tetra peptide which works to dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness. In addition, we have added our own proprietary blend of active botanicals that work to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, improve microcirculation and strengthen the skin's collagen and elastin while reducing the presence of free radicals. Safe for even the most sensitive of eyes.
Only $30.50 for a four month supply.

Pure Aloe Vera Jelly
This is amazing to use everywhere on your body. I use this mixed with a body butter all over my body when I get out of the shower. It works amazing after a shave, especially if I’ve accidentally knicked myself. It helps to speed up the healing process of cuts, burns, and scrapes.
I have Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) on my thighs. There are only a few things that have been able to relieve the tiny itchy red bumps.. the Vitamin A cream that I was prescribed ended up being almost $80 a tube, so I began looking for other options to help people with this condition get relief too.
WP_000910This is a VERY great thing to use in mix with a regular Vitamin A cream and a body oil. I use a body butter and this one day and then the next the oil and this. This makes it less itchy and seems to make the bumps less visible.
For all skin types. Pure unadulterated Aloe Jelly penetrates quickly to calm and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. Acts as a natural bandage to help the healing of blemished skin. Helps speed the healing of cuts, insect stings, and burns. No medicine cabinet should be without it!
Only $17.50

I love that this helps fight blemishes, yet doesn’t contain chemicals that will dry the skin out or irritate it. Usually with those very harsh acne treatments my skin becomes dull in patches and they seem to make the blemishes worse.
WP_000908Because this has Aloe Vera as one of the main ingredients, it soothes the skin while helping to clean the pores and reduce blackheads and breakouts. It’s a creamy white lotion like acne killer, and has absolutely NO fragrance.
It contains salicylic acid, so it helps to remove the bacteria that causes the acne to emerge. There are many products on the market that will DRY the problem area out, make it worse, or actually make you have issues where there wasn’t before.
This is soothing to the skin. So not only does it help prevent bacteria and acne, but it helps moisturize my skin too. I can wear makeup over top of this without it caking my makeup up.
The on-the-spot acne and blemish treatment that works every time, KlearAway, is now offered in a large one-ounce size. KlearAway is so good, it works under makeup. Formulated with Aloe, Willow Bark, and Papaya extracts, along with the pimple fighter Salicylic Acid, KlearAway will not dry out or irritate the skin. Heal fast with KlearAway. Now available in this convenient one-full-ounce size for ONLY $19.95.
Deep Pore Freshener
The best thing about this freshener is that it’s alcohol free. It’s balancing and is an amazing end to the cleaning process. I can use this twice daily (as recommended) without it drying my skin out.
WP_000913You swipe this on your face with a cotton ball. This helps to remove the cells on your face that have become dead and just stay there. It helps to stimulate circulation in the face as well as shrink the pores.
I love that it helps to diminish breakouts and blackheads by killing the bacteria that causes them. It is effective against psoriasis, exzema, acne and other skin conditions. The reason it’s so effective is because of the ingredient Horestail extract, which is a natural astringent, which also helps to soften and smooth the skin.
It also helps prep the skin to help seep and keep in the moisture from moisturizers and night creams. I really LOVED this. 
This alcohol free balancing freshener completes the cleansing process and helps protect the skin from bacteria by restoring its normal pH balance. The calming properties of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Bee Pollen, Horsetail, Balm Mint and Hypericum, stimulates circulation, refines pores and manages breakouts without drying.
Only $16.50 for a three month supply.

Oil Free Moisturizer
I love this because it is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin. It hydrates without oil, so the skin stays nourished without all the greasiness. I can use the deep pore cleanser, eye serum, freshener, klearaway, and then this ALL under makeup without it ever showing. It’s really the perfect skincare for oily skin.
WP_000912It absorbs very quickly, which is another benefit. I don’t have to sit and wait for it to absorb before putting on my makeup. It has really help to improve my overall skin texture. My skin is smoother and my deep pores have seemed to unclog.
For oily and combination skin:  A light, oil-free lotion that nourishes and regulates excess oil while providing necessary hydration. Will not clog pores; allows skin to breathe.
Only $23.95 for a three month supply.

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