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Vine Vera Red Wine Skin Care: Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream Review

I love watching Dr. Oz. It’s an amazing way to learn how to be healthy, the do’s and don’ts of many things, and HOW certain things are good for you and why they help.
Recently I’d seen the episode of Red Wine in skincare and HOW beneficial it is for your skin. The reason Red Wine is so beneficial is 1. The alcohol and 2. The resveratrol.

The resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that is produced from the skin of grapes. You can only get this antioxidant from red wine, because the vintners put the grape skins back into the red wine to make it, but NOT white wine.

The resveratrol actually helps your skin from aging by turns on a system in your body to prevent it. BUT 80% of the benefit from Red Wine in skincare is actually the alcohol and the other 20% from resveratrol. Dr. Oz KNOWS what he’s talking about, so I listen.

When I got a chance to review 2 items from the Vine Vera skincare line, I was jumping through the roof! OF COURSE, I would be- who doesn’t want beautiful skin?
I ended up choosing the Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream, which I will tell you about first. “This cream will immediately reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes.”
Directions: Gently apply cream to area under eyes and along orbital bone using ring finger. Use daily for optimal results.
The Vine Vera Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream comes in an amazing brown/white box that has a magnetic closure on the front. I love that! I can take the eye cream out of the box and use the box for something else!

I am a mom, so of course I have dark circles under my eyes. I have probably since the day since my son was born, and they probably got darker when I had my daughter. Having kids means you juggle the kids, cleaning the house, work, laundry, and a million other things!
This can make me extremely exhausted very quickly! I work from home, so I have to basically wait until they are asleep to start working. This means long nights and early mornings which adds to the puffiness.

I’ve tried many other dark circle treatments and they didn’t work out so well for me. I had to end up hiding them with a concealer before putting my makeup on. I wouldn’t even wear makeup most of the time in the summer if it weren’t for the dark circles. Who wants to have to check to see if they’ve sweated their makeup off every 20 minutes? I sure don’t!

The skin under our eyes is basically the thinnest skin on our body. It all those sleepless hours, all that exhaustion, and if you are dehydrated? It’ll show that as well. Who wants to wear THAT darkness all day?
I love that this is like a metallic copper looking color. Just the packaging is refreshing and unique. It has a screw on top, which is awesome for me because if we go somewhere over night- THIS will come with me and I know it won’t spill out in my overnight bag.

I’ve been very religious applying this under my eyes twice a day since I’ve gotten it. I put it on before I go out in the morning after I wash my face, and then again at night after my cleansing ritual and before my night cream!

The resveratrol helps to reduce inflammation, to prevent damage to blood vessels, and help keep blood clots at bay. This stay up late, get up early mom can use all the help she can get with puffy inflated, dark circles, and under eye bags.
I love when caps like these are put over a skincare product, It keeps the skincare from getting everywhere and creating a mess. It also keeps the insides from getting on top of the lid, which means there is more to use!
When I opened the eye cream, it looked like this. A pale tinted copper/light brown lotion like cream. It is very rich, creamy, and luxurious. It feels so silky when I rub it under my eyes, and the coolness of the cream immediately makes it feel like the inflammation and puffiness has gone down.

It smells incredible too. Have you ever just been sitting at home with your feet kicked up, had a really good book to read and a glass of red wine in your hand? Relaxation at it’s best huh? YES! Well imagine swirling the glass of red wine and taking a sniff before you take a sip. That’s exactly what this smells like!
The best part about it is that it only takes mere seconds to put this on. The amount on my fingertip in the picture is enough for both eyes. I’ve also been putting this above my eyes as well as beneath!
I noticed the next morning when I woke up and got out of the shower that YES! The dark circles did look like they weren’t as visible as they were the night before, and my eyes didn’t seem so puffy.
I wasn’t expecting a MIRACLE- where the black circles would be gone the very next day.. but this really surprised me. I couldn’t believe how much of the inflammation was gone. The inflammation is what was making it look SO much worse. The blackness was subsiding little by little with each use.
Within the same week, I was able to have a date night with my hubs without having to pack on the concealer and then makeup on top of it. I feel beautiful- naturally! Which felt so calming and amazing! Smile No more covering it up! I just wore my regular date night makeup and was done with it!

 VineVera has just introduced actress/model Gal Gadot (from the Fast & Furious franchise) as the new spokesperson for the luxury brand. Gal’s timeless beauty and flawless skin make her a perfect fit for the red wine-inspired skincare line.

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This Product Was Formulated Without:
Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Formaldehyde, Acetone, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Laurel or Laureth Sulfate, Synthetic Coloring.
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