Monday, July 12, 2010

About “Me”- Monday

I want to give all you “friends” a chance to know me as well as getting to know you. So I am starting this blog hop in hopes that new people will join and those of you who are already here get the most out of blogging. I love sharing and I love for people to get to know the real “me” behind the blog.

Okay- so this doesn’t have to be in order or your birth story or a long and grueling story…
it can be about whatEVER you choose it to be. What you want others to know about you.
If this is a success then I will make a button for it..

If you are interested in co-hosting with me- give me a shout out in my email..

SO- here is mine..

About Me- Monday
My name is Jessica (better known as Jess) or Jessi. I am 21 years old and have already been a mom for 3 years. Young, huh? Yeah I know- but it is all worth it and never do I wish I had something else in life. I believe that everything happens for a reason (either to make you stronger or to make you a better person).

My kids are the center of my world. They make me laugh. they make me cry. and sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out. I love it though. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I spank. YES I said it. I SPANK my kids. Not hard. I don’t beat them or bruise them or make them cry for an hour straight..but I do spank their little butts for doing stuff they know not to, such as trying to stick stuff in the light sockets and crazy stuff that will get them hurt.

I am a NERD and I am proud of it. I love to read and learn. I can’t get enough of it. ALMOST all the time I am reading {when I am not chasing kids} I self teach myself anything I want to know.

If I won a million dollars- I would probably get myself a house with a half studio/ kids playroom. I would help my Grandma and mom out and then donate the rest to literacy funds and sick kids as well as premature babies..

I was born to be a writer. I feel so “enveloped” when writing. It is so hard for me to pour my soul out to someone in spoken words, but buddy give me a pen and some paper and I could just about make anyone love it.

I borrow books from my library and write down “EVERY single word” in the book I check out. Like right now I am teaching myself to design webpages..I know I know. But it’s the way I learn. If I don’t WRITE it, then the words escape from my head…

I wish I had more time to pamper myself. It would be amazing to be able to paint my toes without some of them looking like a preschooler did it..{because in fact I have to keep the toddlers from touching them and trying to steal the nail polish)..

So that’s where I am going to end it.

You can add about you. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. You can use mine as a template or make up your own. ANYTHING goes…

Hope to get some of you guys interested in this…


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Jessica is the writer behind Sweet Southern Mama. She is the mother of 2 adorable kids- Aidan, 7 and Adisyn, 5. She lives in Kentucky with her fiance and kids. She loves designing blogs, reading, writing, crafting, all things electronic, photography, and spending time with her family.

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