Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Fonts, Backgrounds, and Commercial use templates

Until the kids go to sleep, I can’t go in the sewing room. Every time I get near that sewing machine, my kids CLING to me. I can’t get any work done. so I thought I would show you guys some of the webpages that I have been skimming, reading, and devouring the past couple of days..

Free Fonts.

-Font Squirrel


-The league of Moveable Type

-Font Fabric

-1001 Free Fonts

Free Commercial Use Backgrounds and such…

-DesignTuts has a huge list of Commercial use backgrounds, textures, and more.

-Zizzago- free textured backgrounds (Cu okay)

-Absolute Cross-Free Backgrounds & Textures to use in Photoshop


-Best Design Options

Free Blog Backgrounds

-Shabby Blogs

-The cutest Blog on the block

-Simply fabulous

-scrap my blog


-Kevin & Amanda

-Scrapblog Template @ Blogger Blog Templates

Hope you have fun. I’m off of here for the night. I think my kiddos have went to sleep and I am making something from the Socks Appeal book. You’ll see the giveaway on here tomorrow.


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