Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Posters Needed. {DIY Dreamhood}

I have started another blog called DIY Dreamhood. I want it to be the go-to site for D.I.Y-ing of all types.

Some of the categories are blog tutorials, bath& body, digital scrapbooking tutorials, parenting, sewing, crafts, crocheting, knitting, and more.

You will have access to the site whenever you feel like it and you will be presented in the “Authors” section..

You will also be given a button spot just for you. You can re-post stuff from YOUR own blog as well as LINK & pictures to other tutorials. (By letting the Owner of the blog know of course.)

You can also have a button from DIY Dreamhood if you like..

Untitleddiy dreamhood

Or you can get it off the blog. Either way- just let me know. You can email me here.. If that doesn’t work. Click the envelope at the top of the post.

And for those that already emailed me about guest posting on this blog, Could you email me back? Something went wrong with my email and your emails got sent to the junk pile or something because I can’t find them anywhere. That’s why I haven’t already contacted you back..

So sorry about that..


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