Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Christmas Award *yay*

I want to thank Skylar for this amazing award. She is like the blogger version of Santa. She has been watching us closely to see who is in the Christmas Spirit.

“I have been paying close attention to all of the blogs I have been following. I looked at whose blogs were the most decked out, Christmas related posts, Giveaways and Reviews, arts and crafts and other things as well. These are the people who I think have shown the most spirit this Holiday season.”

Christmas Spirit means a lot to me also. It isn’t about presents or all the commercial “Christmas”. Christmas for me is spending time with the ones I love and care about. Even when I was young I never truly cared about gifts. I would love what I got, and show that I cared about what I got. I teach my kids to be the same way.

It is certainly amazing to have my mom tell me that she is proud that my kids are the only “grandkids” that appreciate what they have and get. I just feel like people stress out so much on the buying part that they forget about the family part. Whatever it is that you may get, it’s the thought that counts. They try, and you should truly appreciate the efforts they make.

I am truly glad to have received this award, and from the bottom of my heart I say..




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