Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blog Dare Prompt- Retro Toy

A favorite retro toy.

I really loved the super nintendo when I was younger. My dad and I went into a pawn shop and there it was. My dad usually went in and bought stuff {for what reason I’m not sure} I just remember going in there with him all the time with him. While he would be talking to the owner, I would be playing that nintendo everytime. Finally, he bought it for me. I guess he wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I would be non-interested in after a week.

I loved it.

I still think it is so much better than playstation the original. The cartridge is so much easier for kids to use than cd’s that can become scratched. I know. We found a regular playstation at the flea market for $20 and bought it for Aidan. We also bought 2 games, so that he and his half brother Alex would have something to do together, since they are 4 years apart.

Aidan had the games scratched up in no time. Although they still worked, I was still thinking how a super nintendo would be so much better. =)



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