Monday, September 17, 2012

Holiday Invitations

I look at the Calendar and think to myself “How in the world is it September already?” Time flies and before you know it, the holidays will be here. I can’t believe that Halloween is next month! And then Thanksgiving, and the Most loved holiday in our house Christmas!!

We always have the family over on holidays to see the kids, so that we aren’t dragging them to a million different places, because they tend to get cranky and tired of riding in the car from here to there..

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So, since time has seemed to sneak up on me this year, we have started ordering our holiday invitations. That way, I have more time to relax and enjoy myself during this beautiful fall season, and not be in such a rush to send out the invitations, get everything ready, and make sure my kids don’t tornado-ize my house right before company comes over.

Because I am ordering them all at one time, I get a 10% discount which not only saving me money, but it’s saving me time as well. I’ll already have them pre-ordered sitting in my desktop ready to be sent out.

Holidays are my favorite because my kids tend to have a smile from ear to ear all day long no matter what holiday it is- all because they get to eat, eat, and eat some more. Turkey, Ham, and tons of pies. Hey- who could blame them. I used to love stuffing myself too.

Now that i  am the one cooking and baking, keeping everything warm, and making sure the kids eat, I don’t eat until later. Holidays aren’t AS exciting when there are so many dishes to wash..lol.

Where do you have your holidays? Do you travel or stay at home? If you stay at home, do you send out invitations?

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