Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's the first week of November! What does this month make you think of?

It's the first week of November! What does this month make you think of?

November is when you can REALLY tell it’s fall around here. The night before November 1 was our first frost. I woke up that morning to take my son to school and had to scrape ice off the windows.

November makes me think of Thanksgiving- so all month long I try and think of stuff that I am thankful for. Whether it be waking up in the morning, my kids, spending time with my grandma when she was alive, or doing something I love everyday.

November makes me think of family and how much I miss the big Thanksgivings we used to have when I was younger. Everyone would gather at my grandma’s house and eat ham, turkey, the sides, and dessert. We’d have a grand ole time just sitting there chatting with each other.

As I grew up, less and less family members tended and it became just grandma and the random kids and grandkids that would show up. Grandma would want everybody there, yet some wouldn’t show up.

I just wish I could go back in the past to those days where my family was close and there wasn’t really anything to worry or stress about. Since my grandma passed away in February 2011- my family hasn’t gathered together at all..

What does November remind YOU of?

Jessica Renee


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