Friday, November 23, 2012

My Black Friday- MY Christmas Present

I haven’t left yet. I ended up staying up WAYYYYY longer than I wanted to last night. I needed to get some work done, AND my son has been sick.

Poor guy’s been running a fever and had a stomachache since his last day of school on Tuesday. We are planning to go to Bowling Green today and shop for the  kids’ Christmas.

BUT while we are there, I am going to try and talk Adam into getting me a couple more piercings! I only have 2 right now- belly button and ears. BUT I’ve been dying to get second holes in my ears..

AND get my Tragus pierced.

WHAT exactly is a Tragus?


This is what it is! After it’s time to take it out, I want to be able to stick an eyebrow ring in it! I already use eyebrow rings as belly buttons rings half the time!

SO- let’s see how this goes and if I CAN talk him into it Winking smile

Jessica Renee


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