Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nespresso- Single Serve Espresso Machines


Everybody and anybody knows me, knows that I LOVE espresso. I could just about drink it all day. With tons of writing work that requires LONG hours, a retail business, 2 kids, and a house to maintain.. Espresso is my best friend.

I depend on the hot, tasty greatness to keep me on my toes and going when I don’t feel like going. If you like espresso as much as I do, then you must have been excited to learn that Nespresso has made single serve espresso machines.

If I make an entire pot of espresso or coffee, it ends up going to waste. Adam doesn’t drink coffee OR espresso. I’m pretty sure he is hyper-sensitive to caffeine. SO- just me drinking cups and cups of hot greatness by myself. It ends up leading to half pots getting cold.

It can always be reheated in the microwave, but it NEVER tastes the same EVER. So, a single serve espresso machine is perfect for me. I can make it as I want it, and nothing is being wasted. My coffee/espresso never gets cold, and I am ONE happy (hyper active) mommy/blogger/business owner!

These have the quality of a well made design, so they look amazing sitting on your counter. They end up bringing out the BEST tastes and aromas, so that every single cup is at the top of absolute perfection!

They have practical, compact, modern designs that have a unique way of extracting the greatness out of every capsule of espresso/coffee that is put in it. The BEST part is that they are extremely easy to use. You aren’t sitting, staring into space trying to figure out how to turn it on and getting it to percolate the coffee/espresso…

They always make exceptional smooth, great tasting cup every time. Most of them automatically drain the water that isn’t used, so that each cup is ALWAYS fresh.

No matter what your price budget is, they have a machine perfect for you! Check them out! It would be the perfect gift for a coffee lover. WHY spend $5 for a cup from Starbucks when you can have perfection at home?


Jessica Renee


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