Saturday, April 6, 2013

Toy Review: Humerus- The Funny Bone Talking Toy


Having worked with The Drew Oliver Company, the makers of the famously cute GIANTmicrobes before- I knew my kids would absolutely love Humerus the Funny Bone.

They love to both hear and tell their own jokes. I don’t know many age appropriate jokes to tell them—it usually has me looking like a doofus. Now I don’t have to worry about that! Humerus tells age-appropriate, clean, funny jokes.

Humerus comes with his own little comedy stage for telling his very funny jokes. This toy had my kids giggling, clapping, and jumping up and down. They found it absolutely hilarious. He tells a new joke every time someone claps for him!

This doesn’t have to be JUST for kids though, it would be a great gag gift—or just for someone who likes to laugh. My kids adored him and took turns playing (ahem: FIGHTING) over him for hours. He is made of very high quality, so it’s a great gift for even small kids (there aren’t any small parts).

Buy IT: You can buy Humerus the Funny Bone for only $19.95



Jessica Renee


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