Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day


Father’s Day 2013

Here it is Father's Day 2013. 17 years since I've actually gotten to celebrate Father's Day with my daddy. Although he passed away when I was 7, I knew more love from him in 7 years then more people receive in their lives. He was a man of word, he always stood by his promises. He was loyal to the end. When he was your friend or family member, and you needed him FOR anything, you could bet your ass that he had your back.


He was stubborn and hard-headed! He taught me to stand up for myself, to never back down, to be loyal to those to care about me. He taught me to be myself, love others for WHO they are and stand up for others if need be. He taught me to speak up, speak out, and to be strong. This man was and has been my hero all my life.

I wish he were here to know my kids. I talk to them about him, although they still don't understand because they've never met him. Even with pictures, they don't understand why they've never seen him. I wish I had the words to explain the love in my heart for him to them. I wish they'd gotten to know my daddy.

I wish he'd been there through some of the things life threw at me. I don't know how many times tears would be rolling down my face and I'd just wish that he could wrap me in arms and let me know it was ok. He always had a way of cheering me up, for making me feel protected, and I love him so much for that!

At my graduation, I wish he were there to see me, support me, and give me reassurance from the bleachers. Even though he wasn't there.. I was carrying a yellow rose in his honor.. one that my Grandma gave to me to remember that he was there in spirit guiding me and being proud of me!

You might not be here in person, but you've always been in my life via spirit. I love you daddy! R.I.P Lester Blankenship April 9th, 1965- December 17, 1996


Have you told your dad Happy Father’s Day today?


Jessica Renee


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