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Toy Review: Educational Insights GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers #HolidayGiftGuide2013


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Take a walk on the wild side—backwards! Slip on your Shark Eye Viewer and use the rear-view mirrors to get around, but look out for your blind spot—sharks can’t see directly in front of themselves. Choose from three different Animal Eye Viewers and lots of animal adaptations and get a whole different view of the world. Grades Pre-K+

My Review

Do you see what they see? See the world through an animal’s eyes with this set of three amazing Animal Eye Viewers. Try the insect viewer—the pixelated views create dozens of mini-images. The shark viewer provides a 360° view complete with rearview mirrors, central blind spot, and ocean-blue tint. Or, try to keep your focus with two independently rotating eyeballs in the chameleon viewer.


Aidan and Adisyn were excited to open their box of GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers. They come with 3 animal “eyes” inside the box. The chameleon, shark, and insect. They play with them all the time, for long periods of time pretending to be the animals. It’s cute.

I love the fact that these not only inspire their imaginations, but they are educational as well. They loved seeing the world through the eyes of the different animals. After we got them we looked up and printed off information about each “animal”.

I think these toys would be an amazing addition to any classroom as well as any kids toy collection. My daughter loved the insect viewer the best because it shows the world like a Kaleidoscope- with tons of whatever you’re looking at coming in to view.

My son loved the shark. We had no idea before getting these that a shark had blind spots. The chameleon eyes are just crazy. They rotate and it’s hard to look at anything straight, lol. Educational Insights did an amazing job of recreating these animals “eyes” for us to see and learn about!

This would make an amazing gift for kids as well as teachers!

Get Yours! GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers $27.99

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