Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get Organized with Built NY! Gramercy Collection Quilted Small Duffle Tote #Review


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Clutter can definitely influence the way we work. I noticed that I was spending more time searching for something I needed than I was spending working. Everything was very disorganized and I got lost in the clutter.

I would rather sit down and spend more time getting something accomplished. I wasn’t though, I was spending most of the time looking, not doing what needed to be done. I was wasting valuable time, and it was frustrating me in the process.


Between time management skills and getting organized, I figured life would be easier. I was now dealing with 2 (sometimes 3) kids, 4 dogs, a home, 2 blogs, and a hubby. I needed to get organized and work out a schedule.


The Built NY Gramercy Collection has a Small Duffle Tote that has been my go-to organization essential this last couple of months. I needed a tote, so that wherever I am I know what needs to be done. What posts need to be written, which emails need replied to, and when I have a meeting with a teacher.

It’s just the right size for me. I can put 3-4 1” Binders, a notebook, tablet, pens, & markers.. and go. I love that it holds my essentials but isn’t so large that I’m tempted to carry more than I need. It IS available in small, medium, & large so that no matter what size your “essentials” are, they are with you at all times.


I started from scratch- new binders, paper, dividers, & folders. I didn’t want to add anything that wasn’t necessary for my daily schedule. It’s My “Schedule” Binder, My “Review/Sponsored” Binder, and my “DIY inspiration” binder. I decorated each one and then added only the necessary tabs for right now. I may add a little as I go, but keeping it simple makes stuff easier to find.


I just added a little at a time until I had what I really needed. The tote has large compartments and a zip top closure to keep all items secure while also allowing for easy access. With its flat bottom design, this travel essential stays in the upright position when filled and lays flat when not in use.


I fell in love with the quality of the quilted fabric. Because the tote is made of neoprene material it is both washable and stretchy which makes it expandable. There is two ways to carry this tote, both are comfortable.

The comfort of the shoulder piece actually amazed me. Usually when I carry a bag for a long period of time it starts cutting into my shoulder and hurting. This tote has a extra double padded shoulder piece that makes it comfortable to carry this bag for as long as you need to!

Whatever it might be that you need to organize, do it in style with a Small Duffle Tote from Built NY.

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