Friday, January 2, 2015

NEW* 2015 Blog Planners


Now that 2015 is here and the Resolutions are here, getting more organized is #1 on most of our lists. I know it’s on mine, I have a problem staying organized if I don’t have a planner in front of me. I’ve took it upon myself to gather the best 2015 Blog Planners. Most are free, but there are some that are paid. There are even some other downloads such as blog goals, tax info, etc..

Free 2015 Mega Printable Blog Planner


This Free 2015 Mega Printable Blog Planner from SweetCSDesigns contains calendars, monthly income and expense tracking sheets, conference pack lists/ vendor networking sheets, invoice templates and tracking, as well as tons of to-do lists that are fantastic even if you aren’t a blogger!

Printable Fill It In


printable planner 2015 fill it in

I also really like this 2015 Printable Fill-it in Planner from Color Me Meg. I am a sucker for all things colored, I just wish my printer ink wasn’t so darn expensive. I mean $30 per color cartridge? I call BS. LOL. Oh well, it’s better than buying a $40 that isn’t half as good as one of these though!

2015 Blog Planner (very detailed)


Image Source: confessionsofahomeschooler.com

Confessions of a Homeschooler made this bright, colorful, and totally FREE 2015 Blog Planner. If you’re ready to get going for the new year, then you definitely need to find a planner that fits YOUR needs. That you KNOW that you’ll use, something you LIKE.

2015 Blogging Goals

What Are Your Blogging Goals for 2015? (Free Printable PDF!)

To make your (and my) life easier and more organized, The Nectar Collective created a two-page blog planner to help you work through what you’d like to accomplish with your virtual space this year. It’s a free, printable PDF and she includes any questions that she thought could be valuable.


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Hope this gets you on the path to successful blogging in 2015! Leave me links to posts that you’ve found helpful to YOUR blogging goals and dreams!



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