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Country Girl Store: Dream Perfume #MustHave #CountryGirl


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Country Girl Dream Perfume:


Be whatever you dream, on your terms. A burst of fruits - Wild Strawberries, Tropical Guava, Luscious Passionfruit, Juicy Clementine, pretty floral notes of Baby Roses, Country Lilies, Vanilla Crystals and Mandarin - followed by Tea Rose and Jasmine, and a warm amber base.


A country girl needs a like-minded perfume. I have been searching for something that could be an instant signature perfume for me. Although there were some I liked, this one I LOVE. If I had to create my own scent, I’d most likely create a replica of this. It’s such a unique scent, comfortably noticeable but not too strong or overpowering.

The warm amber base draws you into it’s warmth and comfort. The mixture of fruits and flowers make it fresh and feminine. It smells very natural, like they plucked the fruits and flowers themselves and poured them into this beautifully designed bottle. It doesn’t have ANY synthetic, alcohol smell which makes it even more irresistible. Simply Amazing.

It’s a very light scent that makes you think of simple southern nights. Sitting on the front porch with a slight breeze blowing the wonderful scents of fresh flowers and ripe fruits around. Ahh.. there is absolutely nothing better in the world!

I am just a southern girl who loves the simple things in life, and this perfume is an absolute perfect fit for me! It’s hypnotic and soothing, captivating and refreshing. It is mysterious yet feminine. I’ve never smelled anything similar to this EVER and I was instantly in lust!

The bottle is beautifully made, with a heart designed shape. I love the design, I haven’t seen one quite as compelling as this is. It is unique to Country Girl and catches the eye from anywhere in the room. The glass could be thicker, but as long as the bottle doesn’t get knocked over, you should be fine.

Get it before it’s GONE! It’s on sale right now! It would be a perfect gift for that country girl in YOUR life!

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