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Thank you for your interest in wanting to advertise with Stylish Southern Mama.

About: Stylish Southern Mama was founded in June of 2009. Jessica has an Associates degree in Business Management and Marketing/Advertising.

Stylish Southern Mama is open to reviewing a variety of products. I cater to a very large audience and like to offer a variety so that there is something for everyone on my reading list. Although I will be compensated for my time whether by products or cash- the review will be completely honest. If the product does require a negative review, the company will be emailed before it goes live so that they have a chance to decline the post GOING live.

Products sent for review will NOT be returned, and they must be full sized products or there will not be a review. I do not accept sample sizes as a review. To fully review the product, I have to use it several times (or over a period of time), to get a full view on how the product would fully work.

*Products MUST be over $40 or more, and shipped at the companies expense. I do not pay for shipping costs to review products. Reviews will be completed and posted within 2-6 weeks depending on the item. The company will have the opportunity to email me along the way and ask about said products if they want to know how they are working out for my family or myself.

The review will come with all social media links, a link to the companies website homepage, and a link to the page the product(s) are on. The post will be a MINIMUM of 250 words with full color pictures of the items taken by myself (as well as a stock picture from the website). Product buying information will also be included.

After reviewing the product, I would be happy to host a giveaway for (said) products, a gift card, or other items from the company without any extra charges. THIS is only IF your company wants a giveaway to take place. A giveaway is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website, gain followers, and potential buying customers.

Giveaways will include: Liking and following your social media pages, visiting your website and choosing (said) favorite item or color/variety of item being given away. The giveaways are promoted at LEAST 2-3 times daily on Facebook and Twitter and also pinned to my giveaway board on Pinterest.

Stylish Southern Mama uses Rafflecopter to run giveaways, and the winner is selected randomly from the Rafflecopter widget. A winner has 48 hours to respond to the email before another winner is chosen and emailed.

After a winner is chosen, I will email your company contact with the winners shipping information so that you can ship out the items that were given away.

Giveaways without a Review Item*
If you would like me to run a giveaway, I can do this. If I don't receive an item to review, you will be charged for this giveaway. Giveaway exposure takes a lot of time, and I simply can't spend time on promoting giveaways for free.

I charge $40 for a giveaway hosted on my blog (AND rafflecopter) where I have to set it up with a 100-150 item written about the product being giveaway and your company. Promoted daily and will add your giveaway to a ton of giveaway link-ups and blogs.

If YOU have already set the giveaway up and would like me to promote it, I charge $25 to promote daily and add your giveaway to a ton of giveaway link-ups and blogs.

Sponsored Post*
I charge $100 for a 300-500 word sponsored post on your or your companies behalf. You can give me 2 links for the $100 and I will create the post around those links. OR if you already have a theme that you wish to be written about-- that works as well.

All Sponsored Posts are automatically shared via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest- so there isn't any extra where that's concerned.

Social Media Shout-outs*
I charge $15 per shout out. You can choose which Social Media Platform you would like me to share on. 

I also charge $35 per week for daily posts of ALL social media shout-outs! This is better because you get shout-outs on all Social Media (A great big bundle)! 
 This is Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest on a DAILY basis (twice). It links back to your chosen URL and will also contain any picture you wish to be shared! 

Stylish Southern Mama Audience:
I have the same amount of male/female readers
Age: 25-40 with Some College or a College Education
Kids: Most have 2-3 kids and visit both from home AND work!

The Numbers: *as by June 2013
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 47,000
Average Monthly PageViews: 89,015
Alexa Traffic Rank: 44,335 (worldwide) 7,828 (U.S.)
Google Page Rank: 3

Payment- I only accept Paypal as payment.

NO Refunds
NO Porn Landing Sites
Post cannot be offensive in any way: Race, Gender, Disability, or Sexual Preference
Posts must be correctly written both spelling and grammar.
NO Spam Posts
*I reserve the write the edit the post if it is NOT written correctly.

*Disclaimer: Stylish Southern Mama DOES accept paid ads via buttons, banners, text links, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.



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