Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Award & My Nominee’s

I got another blog award today, this time from the amazing crafty pirate, Thera Joyce.

She knows I love her blog and her affinity for pirates and skulls. Just as I have an affinity for lime green and peace signs. =)

I just love it. and I thank her so much. It has meant so much to me, to see people coming over and commenting. Thanks for being a friend.

Versatile=having or capable of many uses.

{this will go up on my bloa ASAP}

4 Rules go along with this award:

Rule 1: Thank the person that gave you the award.

Thank you Thera.

Rule 2: Share 7 things about yourself.
1. I am a nerd. I read constantly. I am like a learning addict.

2. I also have a hard time making friends. It's not because I'm not a nice person, I’m just wierd sometimes. I am just akward at times. I really am. I get all high speed brain and stuff just flies out with no intention and I think to myself “that sounded so dumb”. People in school were afraid to approach me because they thought I DIDN’T like them. I wish I would’ve known then.

3. I NEVER get anytime to myself. My two kids are like getting away from me phobia. I can’t even go into the bathroom for 2 seconds before I have kids screaming at the door. {THAT’S why I always have patches of hair I missed when I shave} So if you ever see me, don’t laugh. I try, I swear =)

4.I have wanted to start a craft business for as long as I can remember. I knew that I loved when people adored or praised something I made. I knew I had the fashion sense and love of crafting to be able to be a designer.

5. I am {at the moment} teaching myself how to make layouts, headers, and graphics- so watch out for some freebies..

6. I have the yard sales, flea markets, and consignment shops fetish and I spend forever looking at everything imagining how to repurpose something to fit my love for decoupage. ♥

7. I am a very unique person. I love listening to everything. I listen to loretta lynn, conway, and hank jr on  somedays. I listen to flyleaf, godsmack, and metallica on others. I have a thing for 3 doors down. I love rock music, it is my favorite in the world =)

Nominate 15 blogs for this award.

1. Cluck, Cluck, Sew

2. You Sew, Girl!

3. Oh So Happy Together

4. amazing mae

5. And So, I Sew

6. A Little Tipsy

7. Litany of Brittainy

8. Cre8ive Crea8tions

9. Googie Momma

10.My Frugal Family 

11. Pink Penguin

12. The adventures of Miss V

13. The Black Apple

14. Soule Mama

15. The Idea Room
Rule 4: Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

I’ll be doing that as soon as this posts..


p.s. Thanks for the blog award☺


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