Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Earn Money Tweeting

Sponsored Tweets have advertisers that want to pay you for tweeting their messages. This isn’t a scam. I wouldn’t pass something like this on to you if it were. I have only been doing this for like a week or so and have $0.72 plus I’m pending $0.50 to the account. No, this isn’t a lot but it adds up. You can withdraw at $5.00 and the tweets only take like a second to do. This is a way to make some extra change for something you do anyway. The tweets aren’t scams either, they all lead to REAL businesses who just need the word of mouth advertising that bloggers and tweeters are great at..

They base it on how many followers you have. I only have like 200 or something like that and I get paid 0.24 cents a tweet. Although you can take the under-paid ones also. They show you this on this on you homepage.

This is at the top of your page so you can access your account and see your opportunities to tweet


You can click on opportunities and see this


I don’t have but 1 because I already took advantage of it and tweeted all they gave me.

Visit them {here} to get started


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