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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. President George Washington {Book Review}


This book was orginally published in 1904 under the title “A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents.”  The introduction is copyrighted by Dream Books LLC.

Do American’s really understand what it was like to be the very first President of the United States?

They probably know that he was from Virginia and that his father died when he was 11. They probably know that he didn’t have children of his own and that he married a woman by the name of Martha Custis. But do they know what it was like as a PRESIDENT? The very FIRST president?

This book Mr. President George Washington lets you in on the secrets of what it was like. It is George Washington’s own WORDS and his own writings. I had never before seen this side. To see what it was like to have to stand up to the citizens expectations. It shows a history in which few know and understand.

He wasn’t a boasting type of president. He was always humble and glad to serve his people. He accepted his term with dignity and grace, thankful that his people had chosen him to be leader. He was a general turned president and left behind great accomplishments for other presidents to follow. 

This shows how hard it was to be inside the very first inauguration. It had a lot of details planned out such as who came through which door to sit beside who, who hands this to the other, who follows this one to the other room to for the official sign in. It must have been like a screenplay or something.

But overall this book was a good book, but if you get bored reading speeches then this book isn’t for you. It is kind of hard to read it to be just reading it, because of the sophisticated manner in which they used to talk in. The very thought of seeing INSIDE the presidency is what captured me and pulled me in. If  you can read the bible then you can read this. It’s just that I had to google some words to find out what they meant, because I had never seen nor heard of them before. The words were vicissitudes and predilection. But I would recommend this to someone if they were researching him or just wanted to know about him.

He was a very inspirational man and he wanted a lot more for his country than we all knew about. This book lets you understand the sheer depths of this mans love for his country and his people.

This book is available on Amazon kindle for $1.99 if you know someone who would like to have it. It’s perfect for History Junkies or people who just like to learn stuff {Like me}


p.s. I was in no way MADE or Persuaded to write this review. I didn’t receive money or a fabulous nice car or anything like that…

(Just trying to cheer you guys up)


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