Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fearless Fourteen- Janet Evanovich (book Review)

Fearless Fourteen- Janet Evanovich

*Book Jacket Review*
Stephanie’s latest skip is Loretta Rizzi, a stressed out single mom who recently help up a liquor store- “I needed a Tom Collins.”- and who just happens to be a cousin of Joe Morelli. Seems trouble runs in the family: Joe’s other cousin Dom- robs banks for a living. His latest take: 9 million dollars stashed… Well, your not the only one who wants to know.
Loretta’s on the lam, and she only agrees to be brought in on one condition: that Stephanie pick up her son, Mario (street name: Zook) from school while Loretta gets bonded out. Plum luck being what it is, Loretta doesn’t get the bond. And now Stephanie’s playing nanny to a 14-year-old tough guy she can neither shoot nor shake down.
Meanwhile, less than a week after Dom gets out of the slammer, shadowy figures are breaking into Joe Morelli’s house. Plus, he’s getting threatening messages-and now Dom’s gone missing. On top of all that security expert Carlos Manoso- a.k.a Ranger-has a job for Stephanie that will involve nightmare night work: babysitting an aging rock diva who eats bodyguards for breakfast!
And you thought YOU had it bad>
Bottom line: Only the fearless should read Fourteen.

*My Review*
Loretta Rizzi, a single mom holds up a liquor store just for a bottle of vodka, so that she may make her a Tom Collins. Now she’s in deep trouble because she has skipped bail, and the only way she will agree to be taken back to jail- Stephanie has to be there for her son. Stephanie’s luck lands her in the middle of a babysitting job (make that TWO) and she isn’t sure which one is worse.

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