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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rebinder Review

Rebinder Kraft Corrugated Round Ring Binder, 2"

About ReBinder

Each year, over 500 metric tons of toxic PVC ends up in landfills as the result of vinyl binders that people use. Today we should expect more. Products should be made in our country, with our workers, out of responsible materials with the intention that no landfill be required. ReBinder meets that demand.

ReBinder is the only true zero waste office supply manufacturer and the brand of choice for customers looking for sustainable, quality office supplies. All ReBinder product materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests and verified FSC and SFI certified sources. With each purchase of ReBinder products, solid waste, greenhouse gas, energy, tree and water consumption are reduced. Check out our original recycled binders line.

ReBinder products have recently been nominated for the Best Office Products in North America, and have won a Washington Green award in the ReUse category. Learn more about our product line and how they stack up against traditional vinyl binders.

Making products responsibly means considering the source of the materials, the use of the products and where they end up at the end of their life. When used for Sales & Marketing, Events & Training or simply every day internal use, our innovative, durable and practical products raise both brand and environmental awareness while helping responsible organizations reduce solid waste and lower their carbon footprint.

Together, our customers have saved:

  • -Millions of pounds of greenhouse gases
  • -Millions of gallons of water
  • -Tens of thousands of trees
  • -Tens of billions of BTUs of energy
  • -Hundreds of tons of solid waste

As a privately owned business in Seattle, Washington, our philosophy embraces a balanced approach to providing exceptional value to our customers with products that reduce the environmental footprint of our industry and our customers.

MY Review

Rebinder Review. You can view their website {here}

{Pics of Binders}

ReBinder Chipboard Recycled BindersReBinder Professional Recycled Binders

I really love these binders. There aren't many cardboard style binders these days, they all have designs on them or just plain black or white. Anybody that knows me will tell you that I am like a hoarder when it comes to binders. I love buying new binders, paper, and such. I can always manage to find something to put in it. The Rebinder Collection that I got sent came with 2 binders, a folder, and a cd holder, as well as page dividers.

These Binders are so strong and durable because they are made from recycled cardboard, so not only are you getting a good deal, your saving the earth by recycling what has already been used. I am glad to see that companies are becoming earth friendly. Thinking about the ways their products effect the earth. These Binders are awesome because not only are they sturdy, but they are easy to write on, draw on, or tape stuff too. That way you can personalize your binder, and make it yours. When you get the plastic binders, if they are black, you usually have to have a silver marker. If you have the white ones, you can write on them, but I can say that I would much rather have a binder from Rebinder, than any other.

The other plastic binders split easy and are hard to maintain a fresh look. They get dirty and the sides can rip off. Not too fun, especially if you want to KEEP the binders, and not have to replace them. Believe me, they can be expensive. Are these binders worth buying? Most definitely, I would recommend these to students, teachers, or just anyone looking for something sturdy and earth friendly to hold their work in.

I want to say thanks to the Rebinder company for allowing me to review their products. I was not paid in any way to write this. I agreed to write the review for a sample of product, nothing more. This is my own opinion and not persuaded in anyway.

♥ Jess.

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