Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cleaning your Microwave {Earth Friendly Recipe}

Don’t you just hate how food splatters all over the inside of the microwave?

I do, and by the time I would get to it, the food would be stuck to the insides.

I hated scraping it off, and I didn’t like the idea of putting chemicals inside something I heat food in, so I found an alternative…

Baking Soda.

Take a small sized bowl..

It can be glass or plastic.

Fill it up with water.. leave about an inch from the top of the bowl..

Then put in about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in it.

Put in the microwave..

and then heat it for 3 minutes. After the timer goes off..leave it in there an additional 1-2 minutes.. Take the bowl out and put it in the sink to be washed.

Get a washcloth with dish detergent on it..

and clean the inside of the microwave (remove your microwave glass insert and place it in the sink)..

The food will come right off because the baking soda makes it mushy again, instead of all hard..


And you can do it as many times a week/month that you want.

Without all the Elbow grease and hard work.

Hope you find this helpful. I know I did. It makes cleaning the microwave so easy… now it’s not so dreadful..



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