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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Blog Hops

I can’t believe this week has flown by so fast. It isn’t because I have been having the time of my life it’s because it’s all a blur.

Insomnia- & it’s not from me. My daughter will go to sleep and then wake up @ random times and not go back to sleep for awhile. I am SO tired through the day. My work is falling behind. I PLAN to get stuff done, but where I am SO tired, my mind is constantly wandering..

it is stacking up on me, so therefore I feel so nervous. I hate to be late on deadlines..

But tonight I am determined to get some of this stuff underworks.
I have some pretty awesome products to share…
so stay tuned in.
I have got to get THIS little daughter of mine back on her regular schedule, and if I can’t, I think I may need to take her to the doctor..

This whole entire week I haven’t been able to take any pictures of products because I look absolutely horrible. I can’t find the urge to put on makeup and straighten my hair..

But sorry to be so bleak. I usually don’t post negativity, but here lately I have wanted to make my blog more personal. More me. Instead of posting about sunshine and love, I think maybe it would be better to just post whatever comes to mind….

So therefore instead of THINKING the negativity, I will get it off my shoulders.

So maybe I’ll be more productive..

Thanks for listening to this midnight RANT,,
I ♥ all you bloggy friends, that understand that PARENTING isn’t easy.

No matter how much you wish you had a wand..

or fairy godmother..

It just isn’t happening anytime soon

So cheers to all the mothers who try their hardest, no matter how hard parenting may be..

♥ Jessica
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 Two Question Friday..
Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #65:
1) Have you experience this type of behavior from a man or woman? 
2) Do you think they can be helped or it's just the way they are?

1) Yes, I have experienced this. When I was in high school, I had a friend who tried this on me. She ALWAYS wanted me to do what she was doing, try what she was eating..etc. I didn't join in, because half the crap she was eating made me want to puke. Chips and mustard? No thanks..
                                         2)I think it's just the way she was, because she did it to other people also. I think people either follow to be nice, or to try and gain a friend. But I have always tried to be outspoken about my feelings, so i told her she was crazy. 

My questions:
1) What is your favorite part of Christmas? Whether it be hanging with your family, eating that awesome dinner, or seeing the faces of the people you love when they receive their gifts?
2) Name the ONE thing you want most in the world for Christmas. No matter how much it costs, no matter what size, shape, or matter. This is your guilt free xmas list.


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