Sunday, January 1, 2012

BloggyMoms Blog Prompt 1/1/12

BloggyMoms Sunday  January 1, 2012 Blog Dare

My Social Media Goals for 2012.

OK, for my stats right now- I am at

  • 656 Blog Followers
  • 1026 Twitter Followers
  • 600 FB Followers
  • 99 Networked Blog Followers
  • 434 Google + Followers (personal page)
  • 106 Google+ Followers (Blog Page)
  • 48 on Klout
  • 164 BlogFrog Community Followers
  • 33 Bloglovin Followers
  • 18 Feedburner Followers

So My goals are

  • 2000 Blog Followers
  • 2500 Twitter Followers
  • 1500 FB Followers
  • 500 Networked Blogs Followers
  • 1500 Google+Followers
  • 75 on Klout
  • 500 Blog Community Followers
  • 500 Bloglovin Followers
  • 200 Feedburner Followers

I know I am shooting High here, but I want to make myself TRY as hard as possible to work my blog. As soon as I get high enough followers, I want to start my online shop. I didn’t want to have to try and network both, so I figured networking my blog and then showing my readers my work would be the best thing for me.

I have met some pretty awesome people blogging.

Thanks for being a follower, and I have much more in store for 2012.

Have a Happy 2012..



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