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Konvine Roll Up Shoes Review & Giveaway


If you are a regular reader here at Made.By.Jess then it isn’t a surprise that I am a shoe hoarder- especially high heel boots. I am in love with the way they look with any kind of pants, jeans, skirt, or dress.

BUT- I hate the way they make my feet hurt after a couple of hours of wearing them! My feet ache so bad that I feel like I’ve walked on rocks for 12 hours straight with absolutely no shoes on. The soles emit achiness and feel like fire.

So, when I heard of Knovine shoes, I was pretty sure I could hear my feet give a little sigh. These shoes are amazing. When they came in the mail they were in a small black box. When I opened the box, the shoes were rolled up.

As I unrolled them- they were absolutely stunning! Even more so then on the internet. When you see these shoes up close in real life- you can tell that they have a shimmery look added to the black- so they not only look comfortable, but they look dressy as well.

Mixed with the small silver skull on the top- these shoes were heaven! I immediately put them on my feet and OH MY JESUS were they comfortable.

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I have been wearing these with everything! Jeans, pants, pajama’s, skirts.. you name it- I’ve done it. I probably didn’t take these shoes off for an entire week straight- this is all I wore EVERY DAY.

BUT They are designed to roll up, so you can stick them in your purse and take them with you. When your out and about and your feet are crying for help and comfort- just slip these shoes out of your purse and onto your feet—simple, simple!

But I loved them so much that I wore them without them having to save my tootsies during a day out! They were already THERE because I put them there. They feel like ballet shoes because they are bendable yet strong enough on the bottom that you don’t feel like you’re walking on nothing.

I chose the Black Shimmery shoes with a skull because black goes with everything and I love the skull look. The skull gives these classy shoes a bit of rocker edge which I love.

They have other prints- so you don’t have to choose black. They also have snakeskin, camouflage, leopard print, denim, shimmery white, giraffe and more! AND they have other options other then skulls as well. So no matter what style you have- there will be a perfect pair for you- CALLING for you to buy them.!

The box that these shoes came in was abducted by my 3 year old daughter and used for her horses..so mommy didn’t get to keep the box. It also came with a rather tall black bag to keep the Konvine shoes in while they are in your purse! This is an amazing idea- they didn’t get lost in my gigantic purse. All I had to do was reach inside, find the bag, change shoes, and put my boots inside the bag and back inside my purse.

Buy It: You can purchase Konvine Shoes right off their website! The pair I reviewed retails for $34.95. The prices range from $10.95 to $39.95 depending on the shoe.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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