Monday, October 1, 2012

Payday Loan


Having 2 kids and a ton of bills has left me in some very hard situations at times. We’ve had to move unexpectedly and need the extra money to do it with. I didn’t have the money for the down payment and first months rent, as well as deposit for the lights and water.

I’ve reached terrifying situations where the rent was due and I didn’t have the cash to pay it. I didn’t want to be kicked out on the street with two small kids. My landlord isn’t very lenient even for someone with kids.

I’ve been a couple weeks from Christmas and had almost no presents for the kids because all my money went on bills. I would sit there and think about what I could do just to at least get them a couple of presents.

The same thing for their birthdays. I didn’t want them NOT to be able to celebrate their birthday with presents, a cake, friends, and party favors. I wanted their birthdays to be fun. I didn’t want to have to explain WHY I couldn’t do this or do that for them. I just wanted them to be happy and have a great time. Playing, eating cake, and having fun with their friends.

So instead of doing without, I just went and got a www.paydayloansuk.org.uk. They have certainly helped me out in short notice, and my kids never had to know. =)


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