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Review & Giveaway: Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles are all natural soy candles that come in TONS and TONS of different scents. I first heard of Diamond Candles on another blog and was aching to try one.
I am in love with candles and the perfect scents they give off. If I could try every single scented candle in the world, I most likely would. I love being able to decide which ones I like and which I would pass on. The only scented candles that I haven’t really taken to are the apple cinnamon ones- I guess the cinnamon is too much for my senses.
When I heard back from DIamond Candles, I was absolutely THRILLED that I would be able to choose a candle to review. I started searching through their site, and it was an endless array of beautifully constructed candles- I had to pry myself off the website.
Not only do you get an amazingly divine scented soy candle, but you also get the surprise of a ring! Inside each candle is a ring worth a different amount. Only YOU will know- prices range from $10- $5,000.
It was extremely hard for me to choose which one to get. Here are the ones I was having a hard time deciding from:
Honeydew MelonOrange VanillaPomegranate LemonadeTropical RetreatSweety PeaVanilla CreamPumpkin ChaiEnchanted Forest
Honeydew Melon/ Orange Vanilla
Pomegranate Lemonade/ Tropical Retreat
Sweety Pea/ Vanilla Cream
Pumpkin Chai/ Enchanted Forest
They are all in their own- something very different, yet so appealing. I only got to choose one, so I ended up going with the Sweety Pea. I am definitely going to be adding to my collection and buying more!!

The Sweety Pea Candle
Sweet Pea has always been one of my favorite scents! I used to buy lotions, body washes, and sprays in sweet pea because it smells like a mixture of berries, sweet pea, & violets. Beautifully scented yet not overpowering!
This candle is amazing! It scented more than just the room it was in. I could leave it burning for half an hour while I went outside to play with the kids. When I came back in- the house smelled absolutely AMAZING.
I loved that it had a thicker bottom on the candle- which made it more durable and less likely to topple over. It also made it less likely to crack or break when stuck on a candle warmer.
2012-05-20 15.30.092012-05-20 15.30.29
I seriously couldn’t wait to find out what ring I had gotten inside the candle. Each candle has the ring hidden somewhere- mine was closer to the top but still about a quarter of the way down. I was SUPER excited, but had to wait patiently for what was in it.
The candle was VERY well scented- Like I said- it scented up more than just the room it was in. I felt like I was walking into a fresh garden every time the candle was burning. The wax was a little oily, which wasn’t a huge problem (it just felt weird when I had to put my fingers in it to get to the ring).
The wax didn’t melt as fast in this candle as with others that I  have tried. This is a huge plus to me.! Who wants to buy a candle that’s going to burn up quickly and then have to be replaced? I don’t. This lasted me quite some time.
The only thing I wish was different is the width of the candle. (OR I could just wish that I had a grill lighter) it was kind of hard to get it lit once the candle was near the bottom.
NOW for the revealing! The ring comes wrapped in a gold tinted foil (and then also wrapped in it’s own bag) so it’s totally safe from the wax that had been melting around it. I was super worried and curious as to how they were going to keep the melted wax off the jewelry.
The ring I ended up getting wasn’t a real diamond- but I STILL love that it’s a very pretty yellow. I love rings and will be wearing rings DAILY. I have rings that I never take off except to clean. This ring unfortunately is only costume jewelry, so I can’t wear it for an entire day without my finger beginning to itch (I’m allergic to anything that isn’t real silver or gold).
These pictures were taken with my phone camera- my real camera was on charge- but you can still see the beautiful yellow glow of the ring! The quality of the ring is impressive, and can’t really be deciphered from a real ring until I wore it for awhile.
I love that it has smaller cascading diamonds on the sides, which make it look like a princess cut or something! I haven’t ever had the experience of owning a yellow diamond.. so I am pretty impressed Winking smile
The flame from the candle doesn’t get very high either- which I like. Having two small kids at home, candles can sometimes turn into a problem if they are left unattended. Because these don’t burn up too quickly, I can light it, set it up a little higher, and even walk outside for a second. I don’t have that constant nagging worry that my house is going to be burned to the ground!
This would he a GREAT gift for someone who has a standard size 7 finger- that’s all these rings come in. It would be pretty cool to customize your ring size, but then again the surprise wouldn’t really be a surprise.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest.

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