Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stop Missing YOUR Favorite Shows

I hated not having a TV service. The digital channels that come on the television these days are NOT that great. Some of the channels are ok, but what does it matter if they skip and go out when there is a slight wind?

I never understood why everything was switched to digital, including the WEATHER. How are we supposed to know if a tornado is on it’s way if the channel will not come in?

Turning antenna’s back and forth, back and forth just to be able to put up a few more channels can get exhausting. Not to mention not being able to watch the shows that I want to watch.

I love watching REALTV, A&E, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and the History Channel. I like watching shows like Snapped, Dr. G, Cold Case Files (the REAL cold case files), & Storage Wars. Comcast has an amazing bundle for your TV AND phone services that will keep you extremely happy.

 Comcast home service provider has a plan starting out at just $29.99. This is just for the phone, but you can customize it and make it right for your family. The 29.99 includes unlimited local calling, unlimited nationwide calling, access to messages anytime & anywhere, call waiting & caller id!

I am thinking about getting the Starter XF Triple Play. It comes with Over 80 digital channels including TBS, TLC, Nickelodeon, and ESPN. Unlimited talk and text! XFINITY On Demand has thousands of movies, TV shows and more on TV and streaming online - and ninety percent of them are free.

All of this for only $100 a month. That is AMAZING- considering what I’m paying just for home phone and internet right now which is close to the same without the TV service. Comcast gives amazing deals, and has something for every price range. That’s what makes it so great- because you can customize it so that you get the channels and phone package that YOU want. You aren’t paying for extras that you aren’t watching anyway!



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