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Beauty Review: Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray


As all of you know, I have oily skin. I always have. I am the type of oily that I practically have to exfoliate my facial skin on a daily basis because it seems like oil seeps from my pores. The tanning bed has only made my face 10x worse.

I have to scrub, wash, and then apply a toner for oily skin EVERY morning and night. That’s the reason that I needed to find a great finishing spray because I’d end up VERY shiny after applying my makeup.

This is even when using a primer, liquid, AND finishing with a powder—and then setting it with a spray primer.. DIDN’T help with me getting oily within a couple of hours.

I was excited to give the Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray a try! I had to work with this a little bit. This will work originally with regular “oily” skin by just spraying over your makeup—the oil is GONE! ME? Where I have EXTREME oily skin, I had to go a little beyond just spraying after my makeup was on.

I have been spraying this before AND after I apply my primer, foundation, and setting powder. I’d been spraying it after EACH layer, which made a drastic change in the oiliness in my skin!


My makeup ends up staying on ALL day. It doesn’t get “slick” or look “shiny” even when I’ve been wearing it for a little while. Usually my makeup (especially if I used a liquid THEN a powder) would become caked up. When I use this, it looks so smooth and natural! I really love it!

I loved that I could have a date night with the hubs without having to constantly check my makeup and make sure it hadn’t faded, gotten shiny, or had started running. This really does set it perfectly!

It lasts a long time too, which is something that I love. The less you have to buy- the more you’re saving! If you add up how long you use the product and divide that number by the price—that’s how much you pay PER MONTH! This is $29 for a 4 oz. so $29/4 = 7.25. So you should really look at the QUALITY and how much something lasts rather than looking at the total cost.  Something that costs you $5 may not last the entire month… Smile

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Buy IT: Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray $29 for 4 oz.

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