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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beauty Review: Vine Vera Red Wine Skincare- Foot Cream with Resveratrol

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Now instead of just drinking Red Wine for health benefits such as unclogging of the arteries- now you can toast to amazing, anti-aged skin as well.

WHAT? Did you hear that right? Well, certainly my dear- you did! The Resveratrol that is found in Red Wine- (the skin of the grape is put back into making the red wine creating the resveratrol) has been found MEDICALLY to help you AND your skin because it is a known antioxidant! WOW.

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It’s summertime and who wants hard, crusty leftover winter feet? Definitely not me. There hasn’t been too many hot days here in Kentucky yet! It’s been more of a rainy season then anything, so I am DEFINITELY ready for the sandals and flip flops to be brought out!


Vine Vera has an amazing Red Wine skin care collection that of course contains Resveratrol! They have tons of different collections based on the different types of Red Wine.


I was excited to try the Foot Cream with Resveratrol. Since back in the winter, I’ve had some very bad dry feet. I was basically pulling my socks off every couple of hours and rubbing lotion on them because the dryness was creeping me out.

I was using tons of regular lotions, extra strength lotions, foot scrubs, foot lotions, etc. Nothing seemed to help. It would ease the dryness for a little while, and then BAM- I could feel the dryness creeping it’s way back in.

I noticed it was getting even worse after getting out of the tanning bed! I would have to slather my feet with lotion before putting my socks and shoes back on. I was getting hardened skin on the sides of my feet and around my toes. It was pretty gross.

Now that summer’s here, I don’t want to be walking around in sandals and have that dryness peaking out at everyone. I wanted something that was going to help for MORE than just an hour. I wanted something I didn’t have to reapply all the time.

This says to apply daily, but when it first came in the mail I was using it about twice a day. I’d put it on after the tanning bed and after my nightly shower/bath.

I was excited to see drastic changes just within the first couple of days. I was soaking my feet in extremely hot water, scrubbing the dryness off with a foot buffer and then applying this. My feet looked 10x better, much to my appreciation!! Smile


This is thicker than most foot lotions and creams on the market, so it stays put for a longer period of time. It instantly softens the skin, and makes it SO silky. The cream is rich and luxurious and smells incredible. Unlike the other foot creams and lotions that mostly smell like INTENSE peppermint—this smells earthy and relaxing (like wine).

This isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I can put this on and instantly walk around in my sandals without slipping and sliding. Because it doesn’t have an intense “MINT” smell, I can wear this during the day—which is a HUGE plus!

The dryness stays gone until I use it again. Not only does it help soften the skin, dryness, and cracked sides of my feet. IT helps to HEAL it, so you’re getting help with the issue instead of something that just masks it.

Buy IT: Vine Vera Red Wine Foot Cream with Resveratrol


VineVera has just introduced actress/model Gal Gadot (from the Fast & Furious franchise) as the new spokesperson for the luxury brand. Gal’s timeless beauty and flawless skin make her a perfect fit for the red wine-inspired skincare line.

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