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Beauty Review: SuperGoop SPF 35 CC Cream and ACAIFusion LipBalm SPF 30

Supergoop is a brand that is solely focused on sun care. They make a variety of items that ALL have SPF in them. They have sunscreen wipes, giant pump action bottles of Sunscreen that will last all summer, even sunless tanners!

I am excited to say that I have gotten a chance to review their new CC Cream and an AMAZING lip balm that both have SPF inside!

The CC Cream



Supergoop has a new Daily Correct CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 which is available in two shades; Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. This is amazing because it promises to soften the look of lines, wrinkles and pores.

A multivitamin for your skin, this light and silky cream protects, corrects, smoothes, and nourishes with specially formulated health properties.


I’ve heard a LOT about the CC Creams, but haven’t had the chance to try one out yet. SO I was super SUPER excited to be able to see first hand what this bad boy could do!

I don’t really like wearing makeup (cream foundation or anything creamy) that much during the summer. It’s because my skin automatically gets SUPER dark and most foundations make me look like a ghost AND they tend to melt/sweat off.

IF it doesn’t sweat off, it clumps or balls up- which I DO NOT like. So, if I don’t wear mineral makeup, I don’t wear anything. UNTIL now. I’ve been testing this out for awhile and LOVE it!


I love how silky this CC Cream is, and how well it blends into my skin. It acts as a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one! It leaves my face feeling fresh and perfectly flawless.


I love that it blends so well with my complexion. I don’t like noticing that there is a weird lightness to my skin after I’ve applied a foundation or cream. This doesn’t do that though.

It works amazingly at protecting, correcting and smoothing uneven skin. It’s a giant plus that is has SPF in it, SPF 35 to be exact. Amazing anti-aging benefits and super antioxidants to help fight free-radical, wrinkle-forming damage.

The staying power is a big A+ for me. I don’t like having to take time out of my day to reapply because I’m always on the go with the kids, errands, and such. I can put this on at 8-9 and it will still be there around 3-4 which was amazing to me! I didn’t have to reapply even ONCE!

I love the SPF 35 because I’ve been using a skin care at night that makes my face sensitive to sunlight. I wash it off in the morning, but there’s still a chance it could make my skin burn just by being outside because it has Retinol A in it. This keeps me satisfied knowing that I’m covered from the burns!

Neutralizes discolorations, inflammation, blotchiness while restoring vibrancy and glow which I love. This IS a CC cream, so you aren’t going to get the SAME coverage as a Foundation, but you could certainly apply a thin layer over it if you wanted. I love how it works like a Concealer/foundation/primer all in 1!

100% natural ingredients and antioxidants to triple protect against UVA, UVB and infrared-A rays. Light-diffusing mica minerals soften the appearance of pores and wrinkles for a fresh, flawless complexion!

NO parabens, fragrances, petrochemicals or oxybenzone to provide an environment- and skin-compatible choice for UV protection. I’m glad that I found something that I can actually wear in the summer without it balling up or sweating off. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything when I put this on!

Want to give it a try?

Buy IT: You can buy the Supergoop SPF 35 CC Cream in Medium/Dark and Light/Medium for $32 for 1.6 oz


The Lip Balm


I had been on the lookout for something like this. EVERY single time I get in the tanning bed my lips dry out. No amount of chapstick was helping break the dryness cycle, and it was because my lips were dehydrated and burning I guess.


The shea butter in this lip balm provides deep, long-lasting hydration. I can put this on my lips before getting in the tanning bed and my lips still feel SO soft and hydrated when I get out.

It protects against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays while calming, soothing and protecting dry or chapped lips. It feels more like a lip gloss to me than a chapstick which I love.

I can easily apply this over my lipstick or wear it by itself and it looks amazing! I love the fact that even though it wears like a lip gloss, it isn’t sticky! It goes on very smoothly and has lasting power.


It says that there’s a pink tint to it, but it’s more of a sheer pink than anything. It makes my lips look so healthy! It doesn’t have a taste and it doesn’t smell, which is a plus. If this tasted like Acai berry, I’d probably lick it off LOL.

Want to give it a try?

Buy it: Supergoop AcaiFusion Lipbalm SPF 30

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