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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion/Beauty Review: Kushyfoot Foot Covers and Flats to GO!


Now that summer is here, it IS time to pull out all those super cute high heels, flats, and wedges! SINCE it IS summer though, we all know what that means.. sweaty feet.


I hate slipping and sliding everywhere because my feet are sweaty from the heat, or my foot pops out of my shoe on every step. It’s really frustrating!

The Foot Covers

Kushyfoot was designed to help your feet stay comfortable without having to ditch your style! They come in plain colors as well as printed, colorful colors. SO no matter what your style is, they have something for YOU!


I really like the lightweight feel of these. These would be awesome to even wear with sneakers during the summer instead of socks. I can already tell a huge difference in how much my feet sweat. They hardly sweat at all.


My feet tend to stay inside my shoes instead of them flipping off making me feel like I might break my neck at any second. They also keep me from slipping and sliding everywhere!


They come in a one size fits all in the foot covers. They’ve got a variety of colors and are very cheap! This is a must have for summer in my opinion!

FLATS to go!


I was also sent a pair of Flats to GO. These are for your hurting feet. YOU know how your feet scream in pain after wearing those heels for awhile. These come with their own small carrying case and roll up to fit inside it.

You carry these with you in your purse for when your feet have had enough. Slip these on for the ride back home from work, or while sitting at your desk.. (shh.. I won’t tell).

They are stretchy (the band) and feel SO comfortable. They don’t have much padding on the bottom, but they feel amazing! I wear these around my house as house shoes most of the time because I love how they feel!

Buy it here: Most Kushyfoot products retail for $7.99 as a 2 pair set. Flats to Go retail for $9.99. You can purchase Kushyfoot products from their website.

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Jessica Renee


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Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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