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Toy Review: Educational Insights- Raccoon Rumpus™ #HolidayGiftGuide2013


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Join the party! Raccoons have raided your closet and now they’re having a party. Help these masked bandits get dressed—the critter that collects the most costumes wins. Includes 4 raccoon cards, 20 costume cards, 1 jumbo color die, 1 jumbo costume die, and game guide. 2-4 players. Grades Pre-K+ -

My Review


Adisyn absolutely loves to play cards, well what she thinks is playing cards. Usually we just play match the cards, or I hold the cards and show her one and ask her to find the same card in her hand. That’s OUR version of Go Fish because she doesn’t know all her numbers yet.


The Raccoon Rumpus game is specifically for preschoolers, so it doesn’t require them to know anything they don’t. It’s a game that is fun for her because all it includes is critters, costumes, matching, and memory! The goal is to collect costumes and help the raccoons get dressed. Whoever collects the most outfits wins! She loves it and has tons of fun!

The color matching rules are super easy, the die is bigger so they can easily grip in their smaller hands, and the game is fast paced and fun! It definitely helps with math skills, colors, and memory as well as matching!

Adisyn and Aidan both thought it was hilarious to see raccoons in their underwear, I’m pretty sure they snickered every time they played a new game. It’s a cute, funny game that they continue to love!

It’s a cute little game that is perfect for any stocking!

Get yours: Raccoon Rumpus $14.99

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