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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toy Review: LeapFrog Read With Me Scout #HolidayGiftGuide2013 #ReadWithMeScout


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Reading is something that is VERY much enjoyed in our home. I LOVE to read myself and it is something that I wanted to pass on to my kids. We go to the library all the time and I let them choose their own books. We read them, re-read them, and then I try and get them to re-read the books to me.


There are times when I am super busy and have to get something VERY important done and would love to read to them but can’t. That’s where the Read With Me Scout by Leapfrog comes in. She can patiently sit down and play with him and have him read to her while I wash dishes, clean, or cook supper. I can then sit down and join her after we’ve ate supper, I’ve washed the dishes, and they’ve had their baths for school the next morning.


Adisyn absolutely adores her Leap Frog Read With Me Scout. He comes with 5 color coded books that are also numbered. The books are hardback books and very durable for small hands. (This is a HUGE plus because she tends to still sometimes slightly tear pages on accident). So them being board books make a HUGE difference.

Scout makes reading very interesting and interactive, even for a Preschooler! When you turn the switch “ON” on Scout’s collar he will say something like “pick up the blue book and pat my head when you are ready.”

He will then read the book to her, commenting on the book, and asking questions as he goes. This is awesome because it builds comprehension skills as well as helps them pay attention to what is being read to them. It amazing how much he engages her in the book and makes reading that much MORE fun.

Scout has 5 different interactive spots (cheek, both paws, head, and back) that respond to her touch. She can kiss his cheek and he will tell her that she’s his best friend, she’s friendly, and he likes her. His left paw produce songs, the right produces random responses (high five, yeah, it’s nice to see you, let’s play). His back responds “You’re my buddy, I like that, and I love you” etc.

The 5 colorfully illustrated board books teach:
    1) Rhyming—helps children learn about the sounds of language and build phonological awareness,
    2) Learn-about—learn about the world through reading and recognize how print carries meaning,
    3) Narrative—learn about how stories are put together, with characters, settings, and a sequence of events,
    4) Pattern—learn with rhymes, refrains and repetition to predict what comes next, and
    5) Concept—explore concepts like colors to label and classify new information.

Adisyn love to carry Scout wherever we go, no matter where it is. To the post office, the Doctor, and even to the grocery store. She even wanted to pack him in her backpack to take to school. She loved showing all our friends and family how much of a big girl she was by trying to read along with Scout.

Scout was a tremendous help to me on Friday. I had a doctor appointment for 11 because I ‘d been having severe migraines and felt “stuffy” for a few days. I thought I had allergies, so I made the appointment. We went in (Adisyn doesn’t have school on Fridays) and sat there until 2:30. It was ridiculous, but at least we had Scout to keep her entertained, occupied, and from flipping out from sitting there all day.

He teaches comprehension, early vocabulary and book and print basics. The more words a child sees, the more words they will eventually be able to use. The more a child is read to, the more they will LOVE to read. They will definitely love interacting not only with their book, but having a buddy that talks!

This is the perfect holiday gift for any child ages 2-5.

Get YOURS: Read With Me Scout by Leapfrog $34.99 $29.99

Stylish Southern Mama received the product free as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog and MomSelect.

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