Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Creepy Cocktails For Any Halloween Party


Do you love Halloween parties, dressing up, and just random fun? Did you decide you want to host your own Halloween Spookfest this year? Your Halloween party is sure to be rocking with these spooky spirits and cocktail recipes. Doesn’t matter what your guests’ favorite poison is, we’ve got you covered.  

Chocolate Spider Web Martini
chocolate martini
Oh-My Creative

Add a spooky twist to any chocolate martini with Black & White candy melts, some piping, and a black m&m. I love how the spider sits on the web, and your guests get a guilt-free snack! Get the Chocolate Spider Web Martini recipe.

Mr Hyde Potion
Mr. Hyde Potion
Sam Henderson-HGTV

Bubbling Cauldron of deliciousness, anyone? I love how this has a smoky look inside the glass, perfect for any Halloween Party. The blackberry liqueur and added blackberries make this almost sinful to share because it’s so good. The Mr. Hyde Potion is fearfully refreshing- made with blackberry liqueur, Vodka, & herbs.

Get the Mr Hyde Potion recipe

Candy Corn Flavored Vodka

Who wouldn’t want a little candy corn vodka? Candy corn is definitely one of my favorite things about Halloween. (Oh and those cool little pumpkin ones too). It’s one of the first things that pop in my mind when I think about Halloween. Drink as is, on the rocks, or mix up some crazy new cocktail with it. Get the Candy Corn Vodka Recipe.


Sam Henderson- HGTV

Add some blood red syrup & ghoulish slime to your margarita mix. The syrup and goo turns any normal margarita recipe into a devilish good time. Get the Morgue-a-rita recipe.

Cocktails - 2014

With all those Jack-o-Lanterns setting around as table toppers, why not add one to the drink collection? With this rounded type glass, this drink definitely does look cool. All you need is Cognac and Orange Juice but the topper is what makes this a hit. Get the Jack-o-Lantern recipe.

Have you ever tried any of these? Would you?


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