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9 Spook-tastic DIY Halloween Decorations For Kids

Charcoal Chevron Paper

Halloween is here, which means tons of ideas on making your home into a haunted wonderland. We don’t go out and do terrifyingly scary, but there is just something about Halloween that makes my kids go giddy crazy. They love dressing up, trick-or-treating, and of course the candy!

My kids love crafting no matter what it is, so I’ve compiled some amazing homemade decorations that you can make with your kids. These projects aren’t going to take a ton of time (we all want something quick and easy right?) More than anything it should be FUN and not cost too much.
Halloween Duct Tape Wreath


I am really loving this Halloween wreath, the purple spider decorated duct tape is absolutely perfect. It isn’t to scary (for the kids) and it is simple to make, and doesn’t very much. I also love the fact that the duct tape makes the wreath weatherproof, meaning we can use it for many Halloweens to come! Get the Halloween Spider Duct Tape Wreath instructions!

Spook Eyes
    spook eyes spook 2
                                    Rust & Sunshine

Assorted glow sticks and toilet paper rolls is all you need to add a little scare to your trick-or-treaters. These glowing eyes can be placed randomly in bushes and trees throughout your yard. Get the Glowing Eyes instructions.

Glitter Pumpkins
These Glitter Pumpkins are great for so many different places. They would look amazing sitting on your front porch, in your yard, or even on your kitchen table. There’s no shortage of pumpkin crafts around, might as well make one that isn’t going to rot. (You could totally use a real pumpkin though). Get the Glitter Pumpkin instructions.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

There are so many decoration ideas for Halloween floating through the internet, but have you thought about your bathroom? How to add a little Halloween spirit in there as well? These toilet paper tissue wrapped pumpkins will certainly do the trick! Get the Toilet Paper Pumpkin instructions.

Halloween Garland
Garland Title

If your mantel is crying for some Halloween spunk, this Halloween Garland will definitely do the trick. I am loving the spider/bat combo, but you can print off whatever pictures and cut and decoupage them. Mix it up and make your own, Get the Halloween Garland instructions.

Yarn Pumpkins

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins… did I mention pumpkins? Pumpkins are the go-to decoration for fall and Halloween because they are so easy. Just grow (or buy) it, decorate (or not), and there you go. Instant front porch material. Take pumpkins to another level with these awesome Yarn Pumpkins, which I love!

Patchwork Pumpkins

Instead of spending hours cutting, digging out the inside, and deciding on a face for your pumpkin- let them glue patches to the pumpkins. This is an amazing way to get your pumpkins to last longer and even the littlest of hands can help! Get the Pumpkin Patchwork tutorial.

Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

This amazing Halloween Eyeball bouquet is so simple, yet so intriguing. It is simple enough that the kids can help, and is sure to be used for many years. The Halloween colored vase and pot give this an even more Halloween look! Mix it up, let your kids color their own Styrofoam balls and add their own choice of eye color! Get the Halloween Eyeball Bouquet instructions.

Bat Window Silhouette
The Jenny Evolution

This is a cute Halloween window decoration. It’s easy to switch this up and make your own. You can make pumpkins or bats, whichever you choose. The kids should get a blast of seeing their handywork hanging in the window! Get the Bat Window Silhouette instructions

Which is your favorite? I’d have to say the Eyeball Bouquet, it’s pretty awesome!


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