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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flip-Off

This was created by Gigi @ KludgyMom

& so I thank her for giving us this chance to unload the hectic sometimes stressful situations that come forth in the week,

Wow. It’s Friday. I can’t believe how much time has past without me knowing it. Sure I have a calender, but god- A week?

I have had so much to do this week, and hope you guys will stay to follow & join in on the excitement to come.

I am working hard to bring you the best!

But anywho- back to the Friday Flip-off.

to the guys who get in front of me driving one of these

who like to blow that black smoke {when I have my windows down} FLIP OFF. How dare you cause so much pollution and directly AT me and the other people behind you.

To the parents who have kids and not take care of them.

I am a younger mom, and see some other young moms leaving the babies grandparents to practically raise them, while their out “having fun” or just hanging out. So FLIP OFF. Grow up. Get a head on your shoulders. You didn’t listen and take precaution or whatever  your story, but it isn’t hard to want to be there with them. {Janelle 16 & Pregnant is an example}

Take care of your responsibilities. I believe that a mom should take care of her kid(s) as best as she can. At least sacrificing her “friend time” for her kids. or find a way to add in both.

FLIP OFF to my house, for not cleaning itself, therefore, requiring me to do it, while trying to keep 2 kids out of everything under the sun.

Why can’t you look like this person’s house?

so organized, where you don’t have to search in 3 different notebooks, 2 binders, and 2 stacks of  unfiled papers just to find something?

I would appreciate if you would help just a little. At least scrub the tub for me, won’t ya?

That’s about everything I have to FLIP OFF, other than being busy- I have had a  great week.

The Fourth of July is close, what are your plans?



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