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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tommee Tippee Review

I was chosen to review some Tommee Tippee Products from The Mom Bloggers Club.


I fell in love with the products as soon as I seen them. They were brightly colored and very attractive.

The Sippy $4.99


You can see the Tommee Tippee Expolora Cups {here}

I received the waterbottle (stage 4) which has a dura-spout for kids on the go and is also dishwasher safe. Although I don’t have a dishwasher, this still was by far the easiest sippy cup I have cleaned. Usually you have to pop something out of the top of the sippy and clean both parts.

and they are so difficult to clean. I have to literally BOIL the rubber piece sometimes. Especially when she drinks juice or something. so I was glad to have had the chance to review the Tommee Tippee sippee.

The advance-flo™ valve used in Explora cups was designed by a physicist and requires almost no force to drink from, yet still remains spill- and leak-proof.

Features and Benefits
-BPA- and Phthalate-free
-Patented advance-flo valve for guaranteed easy drinking
-Super-sensitive Active Sensor valve is truly spill-proof and leakproof,
   yet allows liquid to flow on demand.

but she can’t. I even tried myself. If you shake it REALLY REALLY hard it will come out but if your a kid just trying to make a mess, it won’t happen. You should have seen my carpets before I shampooed them. The milk stains galore from Adisyn spilling her bottles and sippies on the floor, for some reason- she thinks it’s funny. She gets in trouble for it, but sometimes still tries to. That’s the reason I loved this sippee so much, because it wouldn’t let her spill it, and it was so easy to clean.

Prices of the cups
Trainer Cup 1 pack 9 oz $4.99
Trainer Cup 2 pack 9 oz $7.99
Sippy Cup 2 pack 11 oz $7.99
Straw Cup 2 pack 9 oz $7.99
Water Bottle 1 pack 12 oz $4.99
Drinking Cup 2 pack 9 oz $7.99

so they aren’t high priced either.

The Easi Mat $6.99


This kept me from having a headache during breakfast. Usually this little monkey tries to sling her bowl when she’s done with it. So I usually just put her food on the tray that goes with her seat. But I gave this bowl a chance, and it SO passed expectations. She couldn’t rip the bowl off the tray, no matter how hard she tried. (Make sure you DO wet the bottom of the mat before sticking it).. This mat will stick to ANY flat surface..and I mean ANY..I even stuck it to the wall to show you guys..This mat will hold all Tommee Tippee bowls and plates in place (and most other bowls), preventing spills so that they can learn to eat without all the mess.

Features and Benefits
-BPA- and Phthalate-free
-Easi-Mat holds bowls and plates securely in place with release tab for less mess
-Rolls up easy for storage
-Suitable for use with all Tommee Tippee tableware and most other brands of bowls and plates
*For best results, wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and attach dish to suction device in the middle of  the mat.
-To release tab, pull the tab at the back of the suction device

It comes in 4 awesome colors =)

Easi-Mat $6.99

image image

image image

The Bowl-

Weaning Bowls (2) and Lid w/ Spoon $4.99

Adisyn really loved this bowl, and so did I. It was easy to clean and it was very easy to snap on the top. (It came with 2 bowls, and 1 lid) The lid snaps on both bowls and has a place to fit the spoon. I put WATER in the bowl and snapped the lid on- and just to see if would leak- turned it upside down and no water escaped. So this would be great to send applesauce, fruit, or soup in without the worries.

They have hit moms in a place where we needed to be reached. Awesome products with simple yet beautiful and well designed. Cool =)

The picture I took of the spoon was too bright and you couldn’t see the bend in the spoon like I wanted, so I got the one off their website


It is shaped like no other baby spoon I had seen before. Adisyn could hold it in her hand perfectly without all the gawkiness of the long baby spoons I have..The actual spoon part was a lot bigger than the spoon (pictured below). She loved the Tommee Tippee spoons because she could actually fit something in her mouth without the long handle and narrow spoon.

They also have these other awesome spoons..Heat Sensing.

If your babies food is too hot the spoon will turn colors to let you know. Isn’t that cool?


You can see the company background info {here}.

  • Tommee Tippee is now available at Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us stores as well as  online at BabiesRUs.com.

Now – July 23: Buy any Explora item (cups and toddler feeding), get the second 50% off at BabiesRUs.com

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I was NOT paid to review these products, Tommee Tippee was just kind enough to let me review their product through Mom Bloggers Club. I want to thank them, and thank you- don’t forget to get one before the 23rd.




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