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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I wanted to be as a kid.. BloggyMoms challenge

June's Blog Challenge: {Childhood Ambitions}  Write a blog post about your childhood dreams, wishes & ambitions.  What did you dream of becoming?  What did you sincerely think you would do with your life?  Where are you know along that road?  How do you feel about where you are?
Please do not overlook any of the following steps!

{1} Write the challenge post and leave a comment below when it is available on
your blog.
{2} Tweet the following:  I took the @BloggyMoms  #JulyBlogChallenge

My childhood dreams..

ok. where do I start with this? I have wanted to be many things in my life. At first I wanted to be a teacher, because I love helping people learn stuff, and then I realized I would hate getting paid only once a month. SO then I wanted to be a Psychologist and found out AFTER I took all the classes in high school that you have to go to college for 10 years and I knew I couldn’t afford to pay back that much. So- after my kids were born I kept asking myself how to make money from home so that I could be with them. I tried to work outside the home (wal-mart) and I cried (I know- I’m an emotional mess sometimes) because I felt with going to college and working and sleeping I wasn’t getting to see them that much. So here I am- trying my best with the Internet thing. Trying to hard to connect with people like me, who have experience and can share with me a little. Can guide me in ways I don’t know about yet. That’s the reason I love blogging. Meeting awesome new people who love you as their “friend” and not just someone they met online. So anyway- I want to be a WAHM, making my own stuff and selling it. I am getting further and further everyday although I haven’t sold anything yet. I believe my hard work will get me far in life. I know it isn’t going to fall in my lap and I accept that. I want to be the girl who works hard and puts 100% into it, so that in the end- my kids will know that as long as they work toward their dream, it could come true.

I thank you guys @ BloggyMoms for challenging us to write this. I had been meaning to post more ABOUT ME on here and all that but I have been so busy. I am glad I took a little time to write this, my soul feels a little more refreshed now. Thanks.



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