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Sunday, August 8, 2010

CrazyDogTshirts.com Review & Giveaway

Scuba Steve t shirt

I got the privilege to work with CrazyDogTshirts. They have so many funny t-shirts, it was hard not to want all of them. They are shirts with attitude and shirts that I would love to wear. The company is just overall genius and awesome. the shirt fits and feels great. It is just amazing how a shirt can make you feel so amazing and just wanna say “lookit my shirt, isn’t is cool?” I WORE IT OUT AND MY FRIENDS AND EVEN ADAMS FRIENDS WANTED TO KNOW WHERE i GOT IT BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES SCUBA STEVE. i SAID CRAZYDOGTSHIRTS AND TOLD THEM IF THEY JUST SIGN UP FOR A BLOG THEY COULD WIN ONE FROM ME…LOL.

Adam Sandler has been my favorite actor for FOREVER. I love the way he  had nothing and gained everything just because he has so much determination. I also love that he became famous, but didn’t gain the kiss my ass attitude that so many celebrities seem to have these days. He is humble, and seems like someone you would love to meet. My favorite movie from him is Big Daddy. It actually made me cry for awhile. I know- I’m a dork, but Julian was so adorable and it’s so funny when SUNNY (adam sandler) has to act like Scuba Sam (scuba Steve’s dad) so that Julian will take a bath keep clean & keep Scuba Steve clean.


So if you now understand what an Adam Sandler fetish I have, you would have known that I would pick this shirt. I love it so much. crazydogtshirts is best place to buy cool t-shirts. There’s no doubt…Crazy Dog’s funny t shirt designs will blow you away!

Meet Crazydogtshirts 

Birth of Crazy Dog T-shirts

We're CrazyDog T-Shirts and we made it here by accident. A beautiful accident to be sure, and one that has provided us years of entertainment, but still, an accident is an accident whether its spilling your milk or having a surprise kid.
7 years ago, CrazyDog Owner and CSO (Cheif Snacking Officer), Bill, started CrazyDog as an eCommerce project in the dark dormroom hallways of Ithaca College. Forgetting to take down the website, orders kept coming in, and Bill kept filling them, working out of his moms basement for a year or 2 before she stopped making him Meatloaf and told him he better start leasing the space or she'd stop making his bed and folding his laundry. Not long after that we started leasing space in the artsy Village Gate in our hometown of Rochester, NY; home of Genessee Beer, Garbage Plates, and a really nice water reservoir. Several years later our space is 3500 square feet of pure awesomeness; and we run the joint will a staff of 6 who love every minute of it.

Wondering what happened to Bill's mean mom who stopped making meatloaf? She still works here Part-Time...packing shirts and doing Bill's Laundry. In all seriousness though, we wouldn't be here without some great customers. We have tons of original designs, and several that come from our partners such as David & Goliath and Junk Food Tees. We are the go to shop for funny tees, clever shirts and hilarious Couture. We wear the shirts we sell, and we think that stands for something nowadays. Real people read and answer your emails, not robots or tiny underpaid children. We think bacon is the bomb, we still say "The Bomb", and we love naps. We work hard but have fun doing it. We are everything you think a company should be, and we stand by our promise to give you the quality shirts you deserve.
If you are unhappy with your purchase, send it on back and pick a new one! So give us a call, join the party on
Facebook, Tweet us on Twitter, read the blog or peruse the site and have a giggle at some of the tees. Questions? Ask. Have a happy story to share? Email us, we love to hear it! Complaints? Speak loudly into our garbage can. We're looking forward to having you as a customer and joining the fam. Cheers to happy accidents!

Here are some of my favorites (besides my scuba steve of course)

They have many categories: Funny t-shirts, Vintage t-shirts, 80s t-shirts, Custom t-shirts

Say No to Oil Spills

"Anti-BP" Gulf Oil Spill Relief Tshirt


Disney Little Mermaid "Dreamer" Tshirt

Your Game is Lame

Your Game is Lame t shirt


Coexist t shirt

Global Warming isn’t cool

Global Warming Baby Onesie/Toddler Tshirt

Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Shirt

That’s Sketchy

Thats Sketchy t shirt

*Crazydogtshirts is sponsoring a giveaway on Lime Green Dreams and one lucky reader will win their choice of Free Mystery Tee or Free $15 Gift Card.

*So the first and mandatory entry is: Follow this blog and go {here} and choose which shirt you would choose if you won.

*Become a fan of crazydogtshirts on Facebook {2 entries}

* follow crazydogtshirts on twitter {2 entries}

*Post a comment on their Facebook page telling them what your favorite tee is or asking them a question about the shirts {2 entries}

*Signup on for their email list {here} {2 entries}

*Tweet about the giveaway {2 entries} can be completed daily until end of giveaway

*Facebook the giveaway {2 entries}

*Grab my button and let me know where I can find it {2 entries}

*Blog about the giveaway linking back to this blog post {5 entries}..

You don’t have to write 5 comments for blogging, or 2 comments for tweeting just write “blogged x5 entries & url” and I will add them up manually, to make it easier and more enjoyable for you.



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